Saturday, 8 October 2011

Teenage years alphabet....(Part 3)

It's our time to make Revolution..and no matter how stupid it may sound,we all have inside us a person that's ready to fight..Well,that person is released during the teenage years...So scream,laugh out loud,escape from the misery...All these simple things make each day seem different and full of "adventure"...So make Revolution!!

As I said earlier...Scream!!!!!!Shout!!!etc...It's your time and your opportunity to Stand up for what you believe in...even if that means Standing alone...You have to defend yourselves...oh and something of the worst things during the teenage years are the Secrets you hide...Sometimes you are afraid to reveal them and that's normal but be careful,the person which you'll choose to reveal them must be trustfull...or else you 're propably going to end up regreting it...

Try to get the best out of every day...It can be Tough but believe me it's worth it...Of course no one is able to gain new experiences every day but we can create memories...even if some of them may end up bittersweet...

It's a fact that most teenagers think that they are Ugly...But it's so Unfair because that's just a stereotype that the media are trying to promote...I believe that everyone is pretty...differently pretty...And as they say,we should celebrate our individuality and not be ashamed of it...

Time is Valuable..and we're realizing it now...When you have 7 hours of school every day and then you have to go to your private lessons,you learn to Value every single moment of tha calmness that's offered...

Adding to what I wrote before...time is indeed valuable so we shouldn't Waste it stupidly...But it's kind of hard because sometimes you start thinking about other things and one thing leads to another and as a result you loose everything...And I must say that recently I get that a lot...And usually when that happens I prefer the Warmth of my bed rather than the ancient greek books that rest on my desk...

*Well,that's the end..I know I've skipped 3 letters but i just couldn't find the right words to descibe a situation...So I guess that's it...
**That's all from me....Oh,and don''t forget to smile!! :)


  1. So I guess that the next post will be different.:)
    I can't wait to read it!
    I have to say that I loved the Alphabet!
    I love the way you make me stop thinking about anything else and just feel the magic of all these things you describe, as magic is everywhere!
    You helped me see this my little black butterfly<3

  2. How many times have I told you that you are very sweet???
    Thanks darling for your beautiful words..:)
    Love my little black fairy...<3