Sunday, 13 November 2011

I want to live a love like this...:)

"...She had almost fallen asleep when she heard a noise in the balcony.She got up,went close to the balcony and looked outside.She was scared at first but thn she took a deep breath and got out wearing a short white dress to see what was going on...and then she saw him...

-What are you doing here?she asked in surprisment
-I came to see you...I love you!
-Me too!she whispered and the sweetest smile appeared in her face.I'm coming down to open the door.
-What if they see us?
-They won't...Nobody's in the house.Go to the door.

She went down,opened to him and they headed back to her room.

-My love is my gift,he said and huged her.This might not seem enough but I'll get you another one once I find enough money...
-Love is priceless anyway.Oh,I had been waiting for this for such a long time!she said and then she stopped when she realized what she had told.I think it's too early,she said
-Why is it too early?
-Because,usually,first you like someone,then you fall in love with him and then you love him.
-I agree with everything you said,but somehow,I love you.I mean I don't simply like you,I'm in love with you.I feel different and I'm willing to do anything about you.That's how I feel.It comes right out of my soul no matter how weird it might sound...
-Liar!!she said and smiled
-Oh,and I have something else to give you.It means a lot to me,he said and he gave her a ring he had in his pocket.It was my mother's When she died she gave it to me and now I'm giving it to you...
-She's dead?I don't know if I can accept this...Since it belonged to your mother it must be valuable for you..
-You'r valuable for me..
-I'm afraid it's too early to be valuable for you.
-I'm not superficial.I know very well what I'm doing...

They lied in her bed and they started staring each othe without speaking,until they fell asleep.Cold wind was coming through the open balcony door but they didn't feel the cold because their love filled the room and their hearts..<3 "

Dream of love and it will come...One day...

All yours...

P.S.Of couse the text isn't mine..I only made the translation.It's from a book I've read for four times and it always makes me cry and feel that love is alive and is waiting for us in places we haven't though...I wish I could live a love like this...But the book has tragic ending so I'd like all of it except the end...


  1. wish love was that spontaneous and deep at the same time.!Waiting for the fairytale,.ALWAYS!<3

    PS:Never give up on love!It wil eventually knock at your door.I want you to be dressed like a princess and say:'Welcome'!nothing less for you,special blogger!=)

  2. Thanks beautiful co-dancer!!
    Sometimes I'm thinking on giving up as you usually get hurt but stories like this reminds me that there ir rtill hope..There's always hope..
    Wish you'll live your own fairytale one day...:)

  3. It's beautiful *.*
    I want a love story like this, too..
    με καποιες μικρες αλλαγες βεβαια..
    θα μου πεις απο κοντα το τελος! Ποιο βιβλιο ειναι?

  4. Love in our days is tottaly different..but there are always exceptions like this one!:)
    Really beautiful..I wish I could feel this feeling one day!<3

  5. The book is Greek actually it's called "Η ελπίδα πεθαίνει πάντα τελευταία"...
    I don't know why but I've fallen in love with it and especially with the boy...I think he's my dream boy..:)

  6. So beautiful......
    Με συγκίνησε......