Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dirty Little Secrets...

So,as the girl in the picture says we ALL have secrets...And it's the truth even though we are afraid to admit it sometimes because we are so emotionally attached on someone,like a person of our family,a friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend...But don't have to fell guilty about (all of) them...

Me??Do I have??A lot...And most of the time I don't want to deal with them..I just leave them in the back of my mind hoping that one day I'll actually clear my mind of them but this day doesn't seem to come,for now at least...Sometimes I think that maybe I'll forget about them and they'll get lost but that can't happen,because even our secrets are a part of ourself...Some of mine have been revealed and it wasn't comforting at all..I believe that if you want to admit something then you have to do it yourself because if someone else finds out and then starts asking everything gets messed up and it's really hard to explain...

They say that every person is a mirror and secrets-lies are the stains that by time start to appear on its surface...But how can we keep our mirror completely stainless??It's impossible...I'm not talking about living a life full of secrets but there must be some...If you don't have them then you have no personal life...When was the last time you cried at night trying to make no sound because you didn't want to be heard?When was the last time you thought about the past when everyone told you to move on??When was the last time you did something without your parents permission because you knew their reactions??All these things are secrets...

And now something completely irrelevant...I'm studying for mt austronomy test this week and I'm like sooooo excited because this thing called space is full of surprises...So I was looking for some pictures and I found these amazing ones(It's not that I had never seen a space picture before but it's awesome when you know what's going on out there!!)

So,everyone keep dreaming,keep hoping,keep believing...And shhhhhhhhh...don't forget to keep your secrets well guarded..:)

*Who wouldn't like to be an austronaut if he/she could see an image like this live???

All yours...


  1. I would like to be an austronaut! NOT. εμενα το διάστημα με αγχώνει και με φοβίζει! Οπότε,αν είναι να πας και θελεις παρέα να ξέρεις εγώ δεν έρχομαι φιλενάδα:) αυτό μου ήρθε μολις διάβασα τον τιτλο της αναρτησης :P
    φιλιάααααααααααα Ναντί!

  2. Oh come on now!!Being out there is great!!Everything is colourfull and seems small..There might be aliens too (by the way I love them if they exist)...I think that it would be the best trip ever...The only reason why I'm not so sure I could handle being an austonaut is because it's dangerous and you could be lost in the outer space...But you could live in your own galaxy..How cool is that??:) :)
    Kisses little mermaid!! :*

  3. Μα τι λες?? Ολομοναχη στο σύμπαν? Απαπαπαπα! Δεν έχω ζήσει ακομα όλα όσα θελω στην Γη! Και επίσης,οι αστροναυτες δεν μπορούν να τρώνε κανονικά φαγητά,μονο κάτι σκόνες από σωλήνες! Και μονο για αυτό,δεν το κουνάω από δω!
    Πι.ες.: Λεμε με τα παιδιά (δηλαδή εγώ το λέω) να ντυθουμε εξωγήινοι στις απόκριες!Αλλά μέχρι εκέι :P

    1. Oxi egw thelw na kai dn to blepw na ginetai...oso gia tin idea me tous ekswginous-karnabalous einai toso teleia!!Perimenw leptomeries gia na dw an einai na tin uiothetisw kai gw...:)

    2. To πρωτο επαγγελμα που σκεφτηκα ποτε οτι θελω να ακολουθησω και ηταν η απαντηση μου οποτε με ρωτουσαν τι θελω να γινω οταν μεγαλωσω ηταν αστροναυτης! Πριν παω καν σχολειο! :P
      Με συναρπαζει ολο αυτο το μυστηριο..δεν ξερεις πως ειναι εκει εξω, θα'θελα πολυ να κανω ενα τετοιο ταξιδι!
      Αλλα με την παροδο των χρονων ανακαλυψα πως δεν ειναι καλη ιδεα για επαγγελμα....:P
      Oσο για τα's true,everybody has...
      two can keep a secret if one of them is dead!:P (απο το soundtrack του Pretty Little Liars, η σειρα που σου ελεγα<3)

    3. Ma pragmatika tha einai uperoxo na mporousa na eimai!!Milame to xw latrepsei to diastima kai eidika fetos pou to "meletame"...Kai oso gi auto pou lene sto preety little liars it's absolutely true!! :)