Monday, 20 February 2012

Don't ever change...For anybody

It's been a while since I've last written.It's not that I don't have the time but I feel like I've got nothing interesting to write...But not today..Well,I think I've already written something about changing in my first posts but whatever...This post is about relationships(mostly) in which you sometimes have to change..

I really don't know why this is happening.I mean,you are your own person right??and when you are in a relationship the other one is with you because you are yourself...But if that's true then how come he/she asks you to change in order to fit his/her taste??You were his/her taste so what's the difference now??I hate this thing..I really do...If you have to be in a relationship and lose yourself then it's better to remain single.

Plus,you don't belong to him/her...So,no one gave them the right to judge you and finally to find that you are not good enough for them...It's like you once were the ideal match and all of a sudden the whole word came upside down and everything's wrong?Come on let's be's better to say that I'm breaking up with you cause I'm bored than use this stupid excuse...

And now about those boys?girls who say "I miss the old you" or "I can't recognise you anymore"...Guess what...You can!!!It's the same person!!It's just that you pretended being blind and that's why you "weren't able" to see some things.Well,sometimes people do change but it's not forever..It's just that something happened to them and they forced themselves to change but deep inside they are the same...

And now let's talk about you...The amazing you...How many times have you found yourself crying at nights just because someone told you that you're not good enough??How many times have you thought that you are not skinny/tall or beautiful enough??How many times have you promised to yourself that you'll change,not because you actually want to but because someone else told you should??I know the answer...I've been in the same place...But in these 17 years I've taken some decisions...And one of them is that I'm my own person and that I don't belong to anyone,so no one can tell me I'm not good enough!!!

You smiling people...Please don't change...I know it seems impossible sometimes but what do you need??Faith in yourself...and if you don't believe in it then who is going to???And people gonna hurt you,so at least choose the ones worth suffering for...

*And now something to cheer you up..:)


  1. WOW!
    My dear you really cheered me up!:)
    I was reading,and immediately I had some pictures of my self,and some people who've said those things to me..And those promises I never kept.
    So yes..I guess faith in our selves is something basic!
    Faith trust and pixiedust**
    It was great!
    Lots of loveee<3

    1. I'm glad you agree!!I don't know how it came up to me to write about that but when I saw the photo I started thinking about these situations...
      You are sooooooo right!!!
      Faith,trust and pixiedust then...:D
      Kisses darling :*

  2. Γεια σου Ναντιάκι! Πέρνα να παραλάβεις ένα βραβείο από μένα για σένα! Κι ένα φιλί :**

    1. S euxaristw Anastasia mou!!! :)
      Antapodidw to fili...:*