Friday, 6 September 2013


So,after almost a year here I am,eighteen years old and on the edge of starting living my new life as a "university student" in the department of English.That means that in less than a month I will be living on my own in my new house (which is sooooooo cute by the way) in Athens.Well,a lot of brand new experiences seem to be waiting for me just around the corner and I'm so excited about that.

But now let's get in the point of this new "article".As I said I'm gonna move out of my parents' house and actually this was the last year that I'm actually staying with them.As you can imagine,the time to say goodbye is coming closer and I have mixed feelings about it.After a year of lack of inspiration,thiw situation gave me some material and so I decided to write about goodbyes we all have said or are going to say through our lives.

The less painfull goodbye I can think of right now is a break up.I know it sounds strange because we've all been into situations when we broke up with someone and felt like our whole world was crushed and destroyed for good.But I've got news,break ups can and will always be healed.It is just a chapter in your life that causes pain and crying and all these stuff that make us feel awfull but at somepoint it all ends,not magically (unfortunately).It takes time to get over someone,especially if that someone was your first love or somebody who stayed in your life for long or someone you were planning your future with.You must try to get over someone if he/she chooses to stay out of your life.Just turn up the volume of your favorite music,drink a lot of beers,eat plenty of chocolate,go out with your friends every night and you'll see that it is fun living by yourself.

There are T-shirts and images that say "everything has an end" in the words boyfri-end and fri-end.So,another painfull goodbye is when friendships fall apart.Sad as it may is,it happens and it losing a friend is definitely worse than losing a lover.Truth is that through life we have to lose some friends,especially the old ones with who we usually have left behind.I know I've lost some,not because of an argument or something,just because from one point you meet new people,some stay and some must go because you don't have time for everyone.I believe that this is something natural so it can't be count as an "official goodbye" since you still think of those old friends somethimes and when you see them by chance you talk with them and feel great for seeing them again.The worst way to lose a friend is to fall out with him/her and it is something that happens a lot lately.It hasn't happened to me yet but I often hear the last few year that friendships,even among best friends get ruined because of a lie and I can't stop thinking,isn't it painfull to watch someone who you thought was your best friend betraying you and leaving?That's awful and needs a lot of time for someone to get over it.I really wish none of you have or ever will live a situation like that,even if the worst thing has happened between you and one of your friends,before deciding to delete him/her off your life think again all these times he/she has supported you.

Last and worst goodbye is related to death.Mostly because it is never goodbye,I mean you never know when is the last time you see someone and talk to them.I've been there twice with my grandparents and even now that it has been almost a year that I lost my grandmother and three years I lost my grandfather I feel sad when I think about them,as if I have a stomache ache,ut death is something that happens and we can get over it right?No,death indeed is normal but I don't think anyone can compromise with the idea that one person he/she loved isn't alive anymore and that he/she will never see him/her again.I think I need to stop writting right now because I'm too close to start crying.Truth is that we have to give our besy everyday to those people who are by our side,family and friends in order to obtain as many memories as possible to hold and accompain us forever.

So,that was it actually.It turned out rather sad for a come-back-article but I promise to make things better next time,that I will be writting and sending my love to all of you from my appartment,so as I see it,next time I write I will be full of excitement.For now,I have to leave sadness behind and get ready to say goodbye to my parents,my friends with whom I will not be in the same town next year and to my adorable little kitten which I must leave in approximately 12 days.

Me and my cat sylvie :)

For now,I send all of you my kisses,my wishes and I truely thank you for not giving up on my blog even if I hadn't written for so long.

P.S. When you're feeling down remember that when nothing goes right you have to go left!! :)


  1. oh my love,don't you worry about these goodbyes,the leaving-your-hometown ones. I know for a fact that lots of relatioships of any kind come out stronger after a time of seperation:)But i think i know this mixed-feelings thing,i can see myself having that everytime i get to leave Crete for the years to come!
    Anyway,pack your stuff and mind lady,that weirdo of a city holds a lot of adventures for you exclusively!

  2. Truth is goodbyes are painfull and dark . They keep pumping in your head memories and flashbakcs you thought you'd forgotten . Everytime you spell this word is like saying you are done with something when you are not actually ready to move on . But hey this is life :) I know it sounds scary and I am scared to death right now , but we must see the bright side of everything . If you say goodbye to someone then a new one will appear , cause when we have empty places in our hearts universe helps us fill them . I guess this is balance :)