Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Smells like winter all around me...:)

Even though we are not even at the middle of  November,this week I have to admit that I feel like winter has started!!!And actually it's weird because especially here(Crete) it's like summer most of the time...And I'm not sure if I can get used to the winter senses...Because I really like them but for how long???

So,on Monday i wore my boots(for the first time this year!!)because it was really cold and it was also raining and except that I was also wearing two blouses(I think I overdid it because then it felt sooooooooo warm inside the classroom and I actually regretted it).And the first thing I said as soon as I got into the classroom was "Winter's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and everyone was staring at me...but I don't care..:P

So,we've been using the fireplace for more than two weeks but actually we turned on the radiator and I'm close to it almost all the time..I really enjoy the heat after spending sometime outside and getting into the house with an almost red nose..

Today we also started singing Christmas songs(yeah,it's early but come on!!It's wonderfull!!)..So we were singing "All I want for Christmas is you","Santa can you here me??" and songs like that but I'm glad because through the whole summer I was singing the lyrics of "Last Christmas" and now I feel free to sing it loudly because when I was doing it at summer everyone was looking at me with a weird look...

Last thing..except for tea i discovered my new love which is hot capuccino!!!Oh,and of course winter wouldn't come withou eating chestnuts!!!Just wonderfull!!And I've already worn Christmas socks...Oh yeah,I really look forward for Christmas to come..:) :)

All yours...:)


  1. We all know that you love christmas...Even the doctors :P You know what I mean^^

    "And the first thing I said as soon as I got into the classroom was "Winter's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and everyone was staring at me...but I don't care..:P"

    Why did I miss this?:( It's like.."ok, you don't have to laugh, everyone knows I'm hilarious! *high five(with me:P)*
    such a beautiful post:)

  2. yeah,I love winter,'s my favourite season of the year and that's because it comes with Christmas!!

  3. Hahahahahahaha...Polina darling you didn't come to school that day and that's why you missed that!!And of course we are hillarious,even if the others din't want to admit it*another high five..:P

  4. Beautifull!*.*
    I love winter which includes Christams too!-of course-!:)
    Yeah,this week was too cold!0,O
    I love it,enough to wear thick clothes!;))

  5. Yeah it's great!!The only bad thing is that I find it too cold sometimes and so all I have to do is put on a blanket and sit next to the fireplace...
    Magic..:) <3

  6. I'm pretty good, and I wish I had a fire place. Its freezing here! Technically its still fall for us, but we have already got several feet of snow. Also I found something that I love, walking home while it snows. Its so inspiring. So days here are tiring, short and cold. At 4 or 5 its already dark. Anyways, I'm glad your enjoying your cold weather. I was wondering, exactly how cold is it there? My brother leaves his window open in the mornings so when I wake up my room is only 40ish degrees F.

  7. well,don't expect that much cold here...It's just that we are used to high temperatures and when the temperature falls for like 10 degrees then we find it really cold(we don't have the same temperature meter,you have Farenight and we have Degree Celcium)But anyway..I wish we had snow here,it has only happened 1 or 2 times and I really need to see some of it..:) I wish you enjoy this season as much as you can my dear Hollie!!:) Kisses:*

  8. όμορφο πολυυ.. :):)

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  10. And except the christmas songs at summer,let's don't forget the christmasy-but-i-wear-it-all-year-long-and-i-got-my-pediatrician-to-see-it bra of yours! :P
    Christmas is the most wonderful,romantic,warm,exciting,fantastic,dreamy period of the year for me <3 <3
    φιλιά Ναντίνιιιι<3

  11. Hahahahahahaha..of could I forget that?? :P :)
    Magdiiii kisses...<3 :* :*