Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Golden season...

Yeah,I know it's been a while but I've understood for sure that from now on I won't be able to write as much as I want to but anyway...So,this post is about the Golden season,which of course is automn...a little late,but still we've got two months ahead until the season is over so..

A stands for apple pies for sure...These tasty,crispy sweets that come straight off the oven and the whole house smells apples and cinnamon...It is one of my favorite smells and it totally reminds me of autumn since it's the "apple season"...I wish a hide a big piece of apple pie right now,along with some ice cream (cause summer might be over but the ice cream is an all-time brand)

U is for umbrellas!!!God,I've missed them sooooooooo much...I generally miss the rain and it's sound,but truth is that I can't wait to walk into the wet streets while it's still raining and hold my red umrella...Umbrellas are like the ultimate accessory for automn..and if you don't like the rain,make sure you buy a colourful umbrella so that you will have a reason to like it when it's raining...

T sumbolises tea..Ok,I think that it's obvious that I'm addicted but this thing is just...perfect!!Of course I was drinking ice tea through the whole summer but it's definitely not the same...So I can't wait for my first hot "English Breakfast" tea!!Because the only flavour I have been drinking so far is green tea but it's definitely not the same...Welcome back tea mugs!!I've definitely missed you...

O stands for obligations...because school's on again and it's definitely fun (at least for me because it's my last year and I'm trying to have a great time at school since all my afternoon suck) but along with it comes studying...And this year I'm telling you it's ALL about studying...Definitely not the best part but we have to deal with it right?

M is for marroon colours...and for those who don't know it they are the well known automn colours..Brown,golden brown,red,orange and yellow...The colours of the trees' leaves...The colours that state this season...

N stands for nerves...because I don't know about you but almost every automn I got nerves...I don't know why but nerves and depression are two feelings that often come to my mind every automn...Is it because summer is over?Is it because you have to leave some things behind?Is it because it's starting getting cold?I have no idea but something is wrong with this season at this part...BUT it always has some magic in it...

So to all you guys out there,let automn fill you with good times,warm smells and happy moments...:)

Kisses to all of you!!

And don't forget...magic IS everywhere ;)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

In pursuit of happiness...:)

Long time no see right??after almost a month I desided to get back to my corner of inspiration...For some reason,ideas come and go and everytime i decide to write something here,something happens,either the theme isn't good enough or I don't feel like writing and at some points I don't want to...It's not as if there's something wrong(even though I have to admit that I'm kind of angry almost every day),well actually there is and it's called summer classes and they SUCK but I'm going to write a whole article based on that another time...And pursuit of hapiness...

What is happiness??Due to scientist,happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy...And I've also tried to give this word a definition...But I don't think that I succeded because happiness isn't only one thing...It's little precious moments gathered together,which make you smile like an idiot when you think about them...

Happiness is when you plan to go to the beach with your friends...when you see the boy you like and you make out with him in a park full of people...when you eat ice cream in order to deal with the heat(what the fuck is wrong with this weather??We are gonna die)...when you return from the beach and you haven't got sunburnt but you have tanned instead...when you have nothing to study for the next day(yes I do that)...when you eat a big slice of watermellon...All theese and so much more!!

But the thruth is that we can't look for happiness...we can;t order it,even though some people think they can...wake up!!Happiness is not one of the things you find in the supermarket and in case you haven't noticed television can't offer you happiness...For God's shake it's summer!!The time of the year where it's too hot and you HAVE to get out...go see your friends,go to the beach,organise parties,make your own ice cream...But nomatter what you do always remember to fill your head with happy moments that you can cherish....:)

Enjoy your summer might be your last one..:P

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Let's give peace a chance.!!

The inspiration for this post came while I was listening to a greek song that is actually one of my favorites.It refers to the Bosnian war that took part between April 1992 and December 1995,so itis a quite recent war and it happened near Greece.The song is called "Sarajevo" which is the capital of Serbia and my aunt actually lived there when the war started.

Basically,this post will have the song lyrics both written in greek and english (the translation will be mine).I just want to share the feeling of horror that I felt the first time I listened to this song.Since then,everytime I listen or sing it I can actually feel war filling the air,the desperation caused by it and how lucky we are that we live-almost- in peace....

Magic De Spell-Sarajevo

Βαδίζω με μάτια κλειστά                                                  
τα βαστώ σφαλιστά κι ονειρεύομαι                                    
μη μ'αγγίζεις,μη με ξυπνάς                                                
την αλήθεια σας πια δεν τη δέχομαι...                                  

Δεν ανοίγω τα μάτια μου καν                                        
διασχίζω τον κόσμο και φλέγομαι                                  
αν μ'αγαπάς,μη μιλάς                                                        
άλλα ψέματα δεν τα ανέχομαι...                                          

Φώναξε!Η ζωή μας χάνεται,πάει                                        
Διάλυσε!Τη σκόνη που σκεπάζει το φως                              
Ο θάνατος,διακοπές στο Σαράγιεβο πάει                            
Ξύπνησε!Στις ειδήσεις τα βλέπεις και τρως...                                              
Απόψε τα βλέπω διπλά                                                  
ήλιος λάμπει κι ας είναι μεσάνυχτα                                
δυο τσιγάρα πολύ δυνατά                                                
και εκτοξεύομαι μες στο διάστημα...                                

Φώναξε!Η ζωή μας χάνεται,πάει                                        
Διάλυσε!Τη σκόνη που σκεπάζει το φως                              
Ο θάνατος,διακοπές στο Σαράγιεβο πάει                            
Ξύπνησε!Στις ειδήσεις τα βλέπεις και τρως...                                                    
Μια σκισμένη φωτογραφία,γεμάτη μ'αναμνήσεις              
θάνατος να γίνεται,ότι τόλμησες ν'αγγίξεις                        
να δύει ο ήλιος και ο παράδεισος να ναι κλειστός            
μόνο στην κόλαση απόψε τρεμοσβήνει ένα φως          
βλέπω αγγέλους,διαβόλους να χορεύουν μαζί                  
και η γυναίκα που αγαπάω να είναι δίπλα μου νεκρή      
βάζω φτερά στους ώμους,πετάω ψηλά                              
την αλήθεια σας σκοτώνω κι έτσι φεύγω μακριά!!            

I walk with closed eyes
I hold them closed and I'm dreaming
don't touch me,don't wake me up
I don't accept your truth anymore...

I don't even open my eyes
I walk through the crowd and I catch fire
if you love me,don't say a word
I don't accept any more lying...

Scream!Our life is gone
Break off!The dust that hides the light
Death goes on vacation to Sarajevo
Wake up!You hear it on the news while                                

Tonight I see everything double
the sun is shining even though it's midnight
two strong cigarettes
and I'm thrown into space...

Scream!Our life is gone
Break off!The dust that hides the light
Death goes on vacation to Sarajevo
Wake up!You hear it on the news while                              

A torn picture,full of memories
everything you touch is dead
the sun sets and heaven is closed
there's only a dim light in hell tonight
I see angels and deamons dancing together
and the woman I love is dead by my side
I get wings and fly high
I kill your reality and so I leave!!

"Peace is not something you wish for,it's something you make,something you do,something you are and something you give away"
-Robert Fulghum

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power world will know peace"
-Jimi Hendrix

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What is "ugly'??

  • Not having designer clothing??
Fuck that,I never had!!And in the end,who needs them??

  • Not having your boobs hanging out of your shirt or your ass hanging out of your shorts??
Some people do think that it's better to leave some things to the imagination anyway...

  • Maybe not being able to see your ribs??
Who cares??No one likes extremely thin girls...and especially boys!!!

  • Having acne??
Who has been a teenager without it??No one!!

  • Not wearing make-up??
It's better to show your real face than be totally fake.

  • Having braces??
Your smile will be sooooooo much better when they're off.

  • Having glasses??
The time when everyone thought glasses are a turn off has gone.Now even people who don't have visual problems wear them just to add style.

Is that what ugly is??
Or maybe another word of "ugly" is society??

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fuck what the world says!!!

Hello everyone!!Yeah,I know it's been a while,a lot actually but I'm back!!!:D
Sooooo,I hope you are all well and smiling the way I do (after a lot of days of nerves actually I'm back to the smiling face).So,I was thinking about how different we all are.How special we all are.But we live in a society where everything is controlled and the society itself tries to make us all look the same.Without our own talents,without our style even without our own thoughts.So the only thing we can actually do is...fuck what the world says!!!!

Why is it so hard to see how pretty is something when it's different??When it's not as everyone wants it to be??Even people who have a style that is way over the top want to scream something through their clothes,music style and ideas.Personally,I really like people who have their own style,who are different than all the others and when you see them you think "They are definitely not a part of the crowd!" and that's good isn't it??

We are all special people and we should celebrate our individuality rather that be ashamed of it!Wear clothes that show how you really feel.Don't stick to your old pair of jeans just because everyone does.Wear a skirt or a dress!Have piercings if you want to and don;t be afraid to show them,even tattoos are good if you want to.Just do what the fuck you want and leave everything else behind.

"What the others think of you is their problme,not yours"

Be the real awesome you and you'll see...You'll be accepted by more people the way you really are...Have always fun and smile!! :D

Saturday, 31 March 2012

How do you feel??

"How do you feel???That is the question...But I don't expect an easy answer.When something like a soul becomes initialized and folded up like paper dolls and little notes.You can't expect a bit of hope..."
-Stone Sour "Through the glass"

I really love this song and especially this part so I thought about starting my today's post with it.How do you feel???Most of us don't actually know because it can never be only one feeling right??It's just that one is one top and covers everything else or there's a mixture of them.Anyway,no matter what you feel like,I decided to make this post a little different.In every feeling's image hides a song so you can click on it and get to the song that I've put behind it and (to me) fits with the way you feel....Anyway,try to enjoy it...:)

If you feel kind of hopeless....

If you feel like you're in love....

If you feel as if you're looking for happiness....

If you want to get over a break up....

If you feel like you're in kind of trouble....

If you have a crush on someone (though afraid to admit)....

If you're like depressed....

Soooo that's all that I could manage to write...Anyway I want to tell you guys something irrelevant.I've started writing a book of my own in a webpage where everyone can write..If you want go,check it out and tell me what you think...:)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

That's the living...

I've already tried to give the definition of life.But this time,I'll share something different...The weird things in life that make us feel confused,sad,happy,excited so,generally the things that happen when we don't expect them to.Like little surprises that we don't know whether they are good or bad...

I think all of us have lost hope sometimes...I know I have..It's like reaching a point where you think that nothing goes right and everything's completely fucked up and all you can think of is "Why me??"..Yeah,it's kind of depressing when you try to explain it...But even when you are in a situation like this one you feel kind of depressed.When I reach that level all I say is that I feel empty...And I recall Metallica's "Fade to Black" which says "Emptiness is killing me to the point of agony.."One of me favorite lyrics..

But,I'm not writing this to remind you the bad times of your life..No,I don't want that at all..My point is that we can (sometimes) make something good out of something that may seem bad..Yeah,it's hard...But we have to stay positive right??Let the negativity out of our lives...Well,anyway we shouldn't let ourselves getting melancholic because of something...It's hard but it's better when you smile...

Reaching the conclusion,life is messed up...We are all messed up.And we don't always have to deal with things...I mean sometimes when you put too much pressure on something just to try and make it work it turns out being completely different from what you wanted at first...So,why not leaving everything messed up??Messed up is fun!!And leave life lead us to the final point...As "James" say "Getting away with it all messed up,that's the living!!"

P.S.My life seems to be right on it's place the last few day,should I be worried??:P
P.S.2 Sorry I haven't written for like ages but the inspiration thing doesn't actually help me...

Kisses to your smiling faces!!

All yours....

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears...

Well,the title doesn't actually represent my mood because I'm very happy,for some unknown reason,I just got it from a song and because I liked it I used it.Anyway,so it's been a tough week but today and tommorow i won't have any private lessons(yeah!!!) so I've got plenty of free time that I'm not willing to spend on studying..

When I was a little girl(about 5-6 years old) I had this idea/theory about the rain.It was like the best way to hide when you were feeling unhappy and especially when you were crying.The rain drops would hide every little tear that could come out of your eyes.And it's normal because you get wet anyway.So,everytime I was sad and I wanted to cry and outside it was raining I was choosing the rain.It really worked.When you are outside no one asks you why were you crying so,no explanations needed.Of course they were wondering what were you doing outside when you could get wet in like 2 minutes.But it's easy to find an explanation about that.

I haven't done that for a lot of years now.But to tell you the truth everytime it rains I think about it and laugh to myself.How many silly things were we doing when we were little and back then we thought that it was so clever of us??I was also thinking about that today because here it's raining like crazy...Plus I had to go and give blood for a blood test and I came back soaking wet!Just keep your fingers cross that the results will be as I wish for them to be.

Hoping you little readers won't need the rain for covering your tears because I really wish for you not to change your smiling face because of your tears...^_^

All yours...