Friday, 24 October 2014

Turn this frown all the way around

Each person has a little cloud above his head which follows him no matter what.Sometimes,when you are happy the cloud is invisible or is just a fluffly white one but it can and will transform concerning your mood,so when upset or depressed,drops will start falling and it is you that will choose what is the flavor of these could be simply water,or even hot chocolate.

Concerning rainy days,people are divided in two categories.The ones who are grumpy all day long and complain about the rain and the others who actually enjoy it.Of course even if you are a rain lover there are times you'd prefer it if it didn't rain.At least that's how I feel.I do hate the rain when I have to wait for an hour and a half on the bus stop because there is traffic or when I get wet from my head to my feet but most of the time when it rains I adore watching the little drops falling down the window,listening to the soothing sound,smelling the freshness and when I'm outside and it starts drizzling I love feeling the small sky-drops touching my face,I have to admit that when I do feel exited I'm totally close to start dancing in the middle of the street.

So,today it's raining obviously and here is my "Rainy day survival kit".First of all it works best when you can stay home all day.Don't you just love that?I mean there are days when all I want to do is sit on my bed,underneath the blankets,just watching the rain outside the window while sipping a hot cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate.That's the living in the winter actually.I love those days and I enjoy them even more when I know that I have to do something and instead of that I decide to give myself a break and enjoy sometime alone.

If there is a series/movie you always say you want to watch but haven't done it yet,today is the day.Movies or series you've already watched can also be a great rainy day's company.And if you don't want to spend your entire day in front of your computer screen then just put on a play list with songs matching the day or turn on the radio and let music do its work.This can also be a great time to start or finish a book.Reading books is a cliche thing to do on a rainy day but it will never stop being a fun,productive and inspirational thing to do.I also strongly advise you to make your own "Quote notebook".It is about time you collect all those quotes that mean a lot of things to or inspire you and write them down in that notebook.By doing this,you will be able to feel so much better whenever being sad.Plus,if you are a good writer and haven't had time to write anything for a little while this might be your chance.

In case you have the ingredients needed,rainy days are the best cooking days.Who doesn't love the smell of fresh-baked cookies that have just come out of the oven??Just by thinking about it I can almost smell the chocolate chips melting and taste them.You can either drink them with hot chocolate or just eat them practically as soon as they are out of the oven.In addition it is an opportunity to learn how to cook you favourite meal.Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could prepare your favourite meal anytime you like without having to order it or having someone cook it for you.This can be a start in order to create your own recipe book.

Rainy days can be lonely for some.If you find yourself feeling like you need to talk to someone then you have all the time in the world to catch up with your old friends that you haven't talked in a while.Not only will you feel better but also you will make another person happier.In addition,family calls can be made,tell your parents/grandparents you've missed them.Some simple words that will make their hearts bloom.

Romantic rainy days equals time for a bubble bath.Fill your bath tub with shampoo and spend some time in there with the company of soft music and books.If you don;t have a bath tub,you can have a long hit shower until you fill better with yourself and carefree.In order to enhance the romantic element you can reduce the use of light by lighting scented candles all over your room.

If you love rain so much that you feel that not even the biggest storm can keep you inside then get out there and play like a kid.No worries about getting dirty,having wet hair or shoes full of mud,you soul will feel clearer than an empty piece of paper.You can even make your own paper boats,look for puddles outside your house and let them float.In that way you will feel like this little boat can carry a small part of yourself wherever it may go.And of course if you feel crazy enough,get out in the balcony and start dancing without caring,let the neighbours think whatever they they want.

So if it is raining no matter where you are today and you feel all grumpy and having a frown,it's about time you just let the rain pour your soul and start smiling :)

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