Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fuck what the world says!!!

Hello everyone!!Yeah,I know it's been a while,a lot actually but I'm back!!!:D
Sooooo,I hope you are all well and smiling the way I do (after a lot of days of nerves actually I'm back to the smiling face).So,I was thinking about how different we all are.How special we all are.But we live in a society where everything is controlled and the society itself tries to make us all look the same.Without our own talents,without our style even without our own thoughts.So the only thing we can actually do is...fuck what the world says!!!!

Why is it so hard to see how pretty is something when it's different??When it's not as everyone wants it to be??Even people who have a style that is way over the top want to scream something through their clothes,music style and ideas.Personally,I really like people who have their own style,who are different than all the others and when you see them you think "They are definitely not a part of the crowd!" and that's good isn't it??

We are all special people and we should celebrate our individuality rather that be ashamed of it!Wear clothes that show how you really feel.Don't stick to your old pair of jeans just because everyone does.Wear a skirt or a dress!Have piercings if you want to and don;t be afraid to show them,even tattoos are good if you want to.Just do what the fuck you want and leave everything else behind.

"What the others think of you is their problme,not yours"

Be the real awesome you and you'll see...You'll be accepted by more people the way you really are...Have always fun and smile!! :D

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  1. Hello! Oh my gosh I've missed you! Haha, I'm sounding a little to eager, arent I? You just totally gave me the pick me up I needed! Thank you sooo much! I couldn't help but laugh when you said 'Wear a skirt or dress' because I wear a skirt every day, I can't stand pants. Lol, have an amazing day!