Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What is "ugly'??

  • Not having designer clothing??
Fuck that,I never had!!And in the end,who needs them??

  • Not having your boobs hanging out of your shirt or your ass hanging out of your shorts??
Some people do think that it's better to leave some things to the imagination anyway...

  • Maybe not being able to see your ribs??
Who cares??No one likes extremely thin girls...and especially boys!!!

  • Having acne??
Who has been a teenager without it??No one!!

  • Not wearing make-up??
It's better to show your real face than be totally fake.

  • Having braces??
Your smile will be sooooooo much better when they're off.

  • Having glasses??
The time when everyone thought glasses are a turn off has gone.Now even people who don't have visual problems wear them just to add style.

Is that what ugly is??
Or maybe another word of "ugly" is society??


  1. Oh this really cheered me up so thanks. :)
    Your posts are always like mini confidence boosters!

    1. Aww thank you for your words sweetie...and I'm glad I cheered you up cause that's the point..;)

  2. Very true,the whole post. We both have read the book series "uglies" "pretties" and "specials" (let's don't talk about this mpourda,"extras"),that illustrates vividly how the world would be if everyone met perfectly the sociaty standards of "beauty" ,and we don't want that. Uniqueness,that's what makes life interesting!
    Kisses my darling xx

    1. Of course!!!The original is by far better than a copy...;)
      Kisses little mermaid...xxx