Sunday, 7 December 2014

Every letter of December speaks to me

  T.S. Eliot wrote that "April is the cruelest month" and I have to disagree.Personally I believe that November is the worse month of all,just because it passes without leaving anything behind.It is the month when winter has already begun and Christmas still seem far.It is a month of bareness and lack of inspiration for myself.Of course you don;t have to agree with me on that,I'm just saying why I actually didn't write or post anything a month now.Well anyway November is over and December has for one more time embraced me and filled me with happiness and excitement.If you think about it every letter of the word "December" can relate to a word which seems pretty close to the "meaning" of this month and in this post it is my version of them.

So,starting with D,the first thing that pops in my mind is decorations of course.Not just in the house but around every single corner there are lights and ornaments.From shop windows to streets,there is a light following you everywhere you go.Big and small trees,colourful balls,little angels,bright stars,simple and more modern decorations.Everywhere you look you can see something different and get inspired to create your own festive decoration.It actually hurts being away from home these days.

E is a complex letter...I associate it with entertainment for start bu of course entertainment isn't only associated with December.Anyway,it is a month and a season that has many relevant movies,songs,theatre productions,parties and family traditions.Every year my parents and I watch "Home alone",Christmas can't actually exist without that movie,it is a sort of tradition for us actually.In addition to that there is a CD with Christmas songs from classic to new ones that my mother and I play on repeat almost everyday.Even I have made my own Christmas play list (which I listen to all year long) and sing aloud songs like "Rudolph","It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas","Santa Baby" etc.

Moving along to C,there are plenty of words actually.Well the obvious is Christmas but there is also the chimney,the chestnuts,the cookies and sooooooo much more.There is nothing better than sitting near the fireplace while watching a movie and eating roasted chestnuts.Even now I can close my eyes and feel the warmth and the sweet smell.Combine these with a hot chocolate and there you have the perfect night(staying inside can always work for everyone in Christmas).

The second E is dedicated to the Eves.There is the Christmas Eve which is for me associated with my grandparents as we spent it together every year in their house and then there is New Year's Eve which means lots of food and sweets and then going out celebrating with friends.Just thinking about it makes me all excited(but it might also be the fact that I've already found the dress I will be wearing in New Year's Eve).It is as if in those days everything is perfect,there is a feeling of happiness roaming everywhere around you.

If Magic is everywhere then you can understand that it is in its best on December Mornings.There is a sparkle about them.I will never forget the feeling of fulfilment when you wake up early and you have to go to school/work and see the Christmas tree all lighten-up.It is the greatest "Good morning" existing as it makes you actually believe that it will be good because you will carry a sparkle with you all day long.

B is for baking of course.We should all admit it that deep inside it is not the season about presents but thee one about food.The creative self takes on and recipes start popping out of everywhere.From sweet to salty and sour it is the time everyone is trying to create something.Sometimes it might not work but it's ok,when you bake especially even if you fail the house will smell like freshly baked cookies/cake or whatever and there is not a single air freshener that can beat that smell.

Last E of the word and last month of the year so it is all about endings.If you think about it most people can't wait for December to come and go so as for a new year to start.Goals,expectations and wishes for the new year are made.Well I've already written my theory of all these "New Year Wishes" and I stick to it.The new year won't bring anything new unless you decide to change something yourselves."New Year Wishes" is like starting diet on Mondays.Every day is a new day but the ending of the year may be actually a good day to try and change.Just remember that every ending is a new beginning.

And here comes R,holding your relationships on its shoulders.Relationships are important everyone knows that.No one can live on his own(remember "Lost" 's "We live together or we die alone").So it is important to keep you relatives first of all close and this time of the year actually offers you the opportunity to do that.Family is important,it might sound cliche but it is.Friends are also essential so no matter what try and meet with them as soon as possible.Just one last thing,relationships are indeed difficult to maintain so if there is a person that gets you down you can always keep your distance.Your happiness is more important than anyone else's.

No matter what never leave your bed in the morning without a broad smile,don't let the cold get inside you,try going out as often as possible (a little light magic is always needed when feeling down) and keep believing the best is yet to come.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Turn this frown all the way around

Each person has a little cloud above his head which follows him no matter what.Sometimes,when you are happy the cloud is invisible or is just a fluffly white one but it can and will transform concerning your mood,so when upset or depressed,drops will start falling and it is you that will choose what is the flavor of these could be simply water,or even hot chocolate.

Concerning rainy days,people are divided in two categories.The ones who are grumpy all day long and complain about the rain and the others who actually enjoy it.Of course even if you are a rain lover there are times you'd prefer it if it didn't rain.At least that's how I feel.I do hate the rain when I have to wait for an hour and a half on the bus stop because there is traffic or when I get wet from my head to my feet but most of the time when it rains I adore watching the little drops falling down the window,listening to the soothing sound,smelling the freshness and when I'm outside and it starts drizzling I love feeling the small sky-drops touching my face,I have to admit that when I do feel exited I'm totally close to start dancing in the middle of the street.

So,today it's raining obviously and here is my "Rainy day survival kit".First of all it works best when you can stay home all day.Don't you just love that?I mean there are days when all I want to do is sit on my bed,underneath the blankets,just watching the rain outside the window while sipping a hot cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate.That's the living in the winter actually.I love those days and I enjoy them even more when I know that I have to do something and instead of that I decide to give myself a break and enjoy sometime alone.

If there is a series/movie you always say you want to watch but haven't done it yet,today is the day.Movies or series you've already watched can also be a great rainy day's company.And if you don't want to spend your entire day in front of your computer screen then just put on a play list with songs matching the day or turn on the radio and let music do its work.This can also be a great time to start or finish a book.Reading books is a cliche thing to do on a rainy day but it will never stop being a fun,productive and inspirational thing to do.I also strongly advise you to make your own "Quote notebook".It is about time you collect all those quotes that mean a lot of things to or inspire you and write them down in that notebook.By doing this,you will be able to feel so much better whenever being sad.Plus,if you are a good writer and haven't had time to write anything for a little while this might be your chance.

In case you have the ingredients needed,rainy days are the best cooking days.Who doesn't love the smell of fresh-baked cookies that have just come out of the oven??Just by thinking about it I can almost smell the chocolate chips melting and taste them.You can either drink them with hot chocolate or just eat them practically as soon as they are out of the oven.In addition it is an opportunity to learn how to cook you favourite meal.Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could prepare your favourite meal anytime you like without having to order it or having someone cook it for you.This can be a start in order to create your own recipe book.

Rainy days can be lonely for some.If you find yourself feeling like you need to talk to someone then you have all the time in the world to catch up with your old friends that you haven't talked in a while.Not only will you feel better but also you will make another person happier.In addition,family calls can be made,tell your parents/grandparents you've missed them.Some simple words that will make their hearts bloom.

Romantic rainy days equals time for a bubble bath.Fill your bath tub with shampoo and spend some time in there with the company of soft music and books.If you don;t have a bath tub,you can have a long hit shower until you fill better with yourself and carefree.In order to enhance the romantic element you can reduce the use of light by lighting scented candles all over your room.

If you love rain so much that you feel that not even the biggest storm can keep you inside then get out there and play like a kid.No worries about getting dirty,having wet hair or shoes full of mud,you soul will feel clearer than an empty piece of paper.You can even make your own paper boats,look for puddles outside your house and let them float.In that way you will feel like this little boat can carry a small part of yourself wherever it may go.And of course if you feel crazy enough,get out in the balcony and start dancing without caring,let the neighbours think whatever they they want.

So if it is raining no matter where you are today and you feel all grumpy and having a frown,it's about time you just let the rain pour your soul and start smiling :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Magic is found in the smallest details

A few days ago I was scanning through my old posts and I found one called "Undergraduating Expectations" which is basically an entry I wrote 2,almost 3 years ago making plans about my future as a university student.It's not about big plans it's about small details that I found inspirational at that time and actually were motivational conserning studying.Anyway,I had completely forgoten about these plans after all this time and to my surprise I have actually done almost everything that is written without remembering it and so I wanted to share it with you just to show that when you want something and believe that even the smallest detail can make you life a little bit brighter then it stays with you and you actually do it just because it feels right for you.
Summer's red hair

Sooo,first of all the post was about dying my hair dark red which happened last Febuary and is still going on.It's not actually dark red but my hair is dark anyway so I'm thinking about sticking to it and
maybe I'll try something closer to deep red-purple in the future.

The lip piercing,I had forgotten generally.I mean I think I'm over it now,I've already got my nose pierced so I might be done with piercings BUT truth is that when I saw the post it crossed through my mind again that it might look good.
Travelling..hmmm.No,I haven't been to London again for the time being.I will go at some point but also Dublin has become one of my top destinations.
A part of my living room
And now we move on to the house thing which IS decorated in oredr to remind England.My living room is actually the most representative room for taht project of mine.And people coming to my house usually comment about that "addiction" of mine.

Wall photo-collage
I also mentioned a photo-collage in this post which I had completely forgoten and guess what.Last year when I moved in I had this completely blanc wall and the idea hit me.I started printing photos of my family and friends and also pinning tickets from travels I made last year,movies I went to and generally pieces of memories.When I saw the collage idea I was planning it was obvious that my inspirations haven't changed a
bit.Now my wall is almost full but Im going to go ahead and keep pinning everything that reminds me of small and grant life experiences.

Last but not least I wrote about people that I wanted to meet,different people,new ones so that new friendships will be built.It may seem easy but it is never that simple.Luckily I believed I've found some great new ones.
Some of my new friends :)

I do advise you to make a small list of little things you want to do in the next year,or in the next five years in order to see if you could actually do a few of them you once dreamt of.Dreams are big and small and life is consisted of both of them.You have to remember though that in order to get to the big picture you have to start seeing the little parts and realize that there lies untold beauty.

In life we do a lot of things.Some we wish we had never done.Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads.But no matter how good or bad they all make us who we are,and in the end they shape every detail about us,the person we are and our character.If we were to reverse any of them we wouldn't be the person we are.Small details can change the whole pisture and that's why there is a reason for what we do.So just live,make mistakes,have wonderful memories,meet new people,make plans and dreams but never ever second guess who you are,where you have been,what you've done and most importantly where it is you are going.Each one of us is his/her own self that has his own details,his own scars,his own paths that have or will form the future.

Never stop dreaming,never stop believing that something wonderful is just around the corner,it might not come in the form or from the corner you expect it to come but it will come and will fill you with joy.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Can lonely be lovely?

Long time no see,I know...well last time I was leaving my house in Heraklion in order to move to Athens and to study English.Right now I'm in the second year of my studies (third semester actually) and I have to say that I had forgotten my blog for a little (long?) while,but I desided to come back with more posts,thoughts and inspiration...

It is actually the second year I'm living on my own and things have sort of changed.First of all,I strongly believe that everyone should move out from their parent's house and try living on their one for a very important reason: learning how to be independent.It is a hard thing to do obviously but before starting that part of your life where you have to work and start thinking about creating a future with your own family,there are these 4-5 years when you can actually be filled with experiences,joy,friendship and laughter.

Leaving your home for the first time can be hard (not for everyone of course) and no matter what,you are going to miss your family and friends at some point.On the other hand you'll have the time to decorate a beautiful house of your own,do things you couldn't do before (because even if your parents weren't strict there still are little things we all want to do whenever and with whoever we want) and really learn about life and yourself.It is funny actually but I will never forget the first time I did the laundry and the colours weren't messed up,I started jumping around the washing machine feeling filled with happiness because I had managed to do everything right.The same thing actually happened the first time I cleaned the house and everything was in its place,cleaned and flowery smelling.

Of course besides the good times there will be times of loneliness.Times when you return to your new house and you find it empty and it is pretty hard at first or when you're not feeling so great but you don't want to say anything to anyone and all you need is a little helping hand and a few words of comfort from a beloved one.Things get a little lonely but that doesn't mean that whenever you are alone you have to feel like that.Being alone can also be lovely.I mean,quality time with yourself,it may seem weird but doing things on your own,things that make you feel happy is completely refreshing and it makes you feel more capable and mature.You will understand what I mean when you return back to your family for just a few days and you are going to miss having your own personal space.But truth is that when you return to your family house it will be hard to leave again and get used to being alone for one more time.

My family :)

People you love and love you will always find ways to be by your side no matter where you are.Creating a new life in a different house is like a boat leaving for the first time from the port,it will be hard but the experiences gathered will make the journey worth it.

Lot's of love,

Friday, 6 September 2013


So,after almost a year here I am,eighteen years old and on the edge of starting living my new life as a "university student" in the department of English.That means that in less than a month I will be living on my own in my new house (which is sooooooo cute by the way) in Athens.Well,a lot of brand new experiences seem to be waiting for me just around the corner and I'm so excited about that.

But now let's get in the point of this new "article".As I said I'm gonna move out of my parents' house and actually this was the last year that I'm actually staying with them.As you can imagine,the time to say goodbye is coming closer and I have mixed feelings about it.After a year of lack of inspiration,thiw situation gave me some material and so I decided to write about goodbyes we all have said or are going to say through our lives.

The less painfull goodbye I can think of right now is a break up.I know it sounds strange because we've all been into situations when we broke up with someone and felt like our whole world was crushed and destroyed for good.But I've got news,break ups can and will always be healed.It is just a chapter in your life that causes pain and crying and all these stuff that make us feel awfull but at somepoint it all ends,not magically (unfortunately).It takes time to get over someone,especially if that someone was your first love or somebody who stayed in your life for long or someone you were planning your future with.You must try to get over someone if he/she chooses to stay out of your life.Just turn up the volume of your favorite music,drink a lot of beers,eat plenty of chocolate,go out with your friends every night and you'll see that it is fun living by yourself.

There are T-shirts and images that say "everything has an end" in the words boyfri-end and fri-end.So,another painfull goodbye is when friendships fall apart.Sad as it may is,it happens and it losing a friend is definitely worse than losing a lover.Truth is that through life we have to lose some friends,especially the old ones with who we usually have left behind.I know I've lost some,not because of an argument or something,just because from one point you meet new people,some stay and some must go because you don't have time for everyone.I believe that this is something natural so it can't be count as an "official goodbye" since you still think of those old friends somethimes and when you see them by chance you talk with them and feel great for seeing them again.The worst way to lose a friend is to fall out with him/her and it is something that happens a lot lately.It hasn't happened to me yet but I often hear the last few year that friendships,even among best friends get ruined because of a lie and I can't stop thinking,isn't it painfull to watch someone who you thought was your best friend betraying you and leaving?That's awful and needs a lot of time for someone to get over it.I really wish none of you have or ever will live a situation like that,even if the worst thing has happened between you and one of your friends,before deciding to delete him/her off your life think again all these times he/she has supported you.

Last and worst goodbye is related to death.Mostly because it is never goodbye,I mean you never know when is the last time you see someone and talk to them.I've been there twice with my grandparents and even now that it has been almost a year that I lost my grandmother and three years I lost my grandfather I feel sad when I think about them,as if I have a stomache ache,ut death is something that happens and we can get over it right?No,death indeed is normal but I don't think anyone can compromise with the idea that one person he/she loved isn't alive anymore and that he/she will never see him/her again.I think I need to stop writting right now because I'm too close to start crying.Truth is that we have to give our besy everyday to those people who are by our side,family and friends in order to obtain as many memories as possible to hold and accompain us forever.

So,that was it actually.It turned out rather sad for a come-back-article but I promise to make things better next time,that I will be writting and sending my love to all of you from my appartment,so as I see it,next time I write I will be full of excitement.For now,I have to leave sadness behind and get ready to say goodbye to my parents,my friends with whom I will not be in the same town next year and to my adorable little kitten which I must leave in approximately 12 days.

Me and my cat sylvie :)

For now,I send all of you my kisses,my wishes and I truely thank you for not giving up on my blog even if I hadn't written for so long.

P.S. When you're feeling down remember that when nothing goes right you have to go left!! :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Golden season...

Yeah,I know it's been a while but I've understood for sure that from now on I won't be able to write as much as I want to but anyway...So,this post is about the Golden season,which of course is automn...a little late,but still we've got two months ahead until the season is over so..

A stands for apple pies for sure...These tasty,crispy sweets that come straight off the oven and the whole house smells apples and cinnamon...It is one of my favorite smells and it totally reminds me of autumn since it's the "apple season"...I wish a hide a big piece of apple pie right now,along with some ice cream (cause summer might be over but the ice cream is an all-time brand)

U is for umbrellas!!!God,I've missed them sooooooooo much...I generally miss the rain and it's sound,but truth is that I can't wait to walk into the wet streets while it's still raining and hold my red umrella...Umbrellas are like the ultimate accessory for automn..and if you don't like the rain,make sure you buy a colourful umbrella so that you will have a reason to like it when it's raining...

T sumbolises tea..Ok,I think that it's obvious that I'm addicted but this thing is just...perfect!!Of course I was drinking ice tea through the whole summer but it's definitely not the same...So I can't wait for my first hot "English Breakfast" tea!!Because the only flavour I have been drinking so far is green tea but it's definitely not the same...Welcome back tea mugs!!I've definitely missed you...

O stands for obligations...because school's on again and it's definitely fun (at least for me because it's my last year and I'm trying to have a great time at school since all my afternoon suck) but along with it comes studying...And this year I'm telling you it's ALL about studying...Definitely not the best part but we have to deal with it right?

M is for marroon colours...and for those who don't know it they are the well known automn colours..Brown,golden brown,red,orange and yellow...The colours of the trees' leaves...The colours that state this season...

N stands for nerves...because I don't know about you but almost every automn I got nerves...I don't know why but nerves and depression are two feelings that often come to my mind every automn...Is it because summer is over?Is it because you have to leave some things behind?Is it because it's starting getting cold?I have no idea but something is wrong with this season at this part...BUT it always has some magic in it...

So to all you guys out there,let automn fill you with good times,warm smells and happy moments...:)

Kisses to all of you!!

And don't forget...magic IS everywhere ;)