Saturday, 11 October 2014

Can lonely be lovely?

Long time no see,I know...well last time I was leaving my house in Heraklion in order to move to Athens and to study English.Right now I'm in the second year of my studies (third semester actually) and I have to say that I had forgotten my blog for a little (long?) while,but I desided to come back with more posts,thoughts and inspiration...

It is actually the second year I'm living on my own and things have sort of changed.First of all,I strongly believe that everyone should move out from their parent's house and try living on their one for a very important reason: learning how to be independent.It is a hard thing to do obviously but before starting that part of your life where you have to work and start thinking about creating a future with your own family,there are these 4-5 years when you can actually be filled with experiences,joy,friendship and laughter.

Leaving your home for the first time can be hard (not for everyone of course) and no matter what,you are going to miss your family and friends at some point.On the other hand you'll have the time to decorate a beautiful house of your own,do things you couldn't do before (because even if your parents weren't strict there still are little things we all want to do whenever and with whoever we want) and really learn about life and yourself.It is funny actually but I will never forget the first time I did the laundry and the colours weren't messed up,I started jumping around the washing machine feeling filled with happiness because I had managed to do everything right.The same thing actually happened the first time I cleaned the house and everything was in its place,cleaned and flowery smelling.

Of course besides the good times there will be times of loneliness.Times when you return to your new house and you find it empty and it is pretty hard at first or when you're not feeling so great but you don't want to say anything to anyone and all you need is a little helping hand and a few words of comfort from a beloved one.Things get a little lonely but that doesn't mean that whenever you are alone you have to feel like that.Being alone can also be lovely.I mean,quality time with yourself,it may seem weird but doing things on your own,things that make you feel happy is completely refreshing and it makes you feel more capable and mature.You will understand what I mean when you return back to your family for just a few days and you are going to miss having your own personal space.But truth is that when you return to your family house it will be hard to leave again and get used to being alone for one more time.

My family :)

People you love and love you will always find ways to be by your side no matter where you are.Creating a new life in a different house is like a boat leaving for the first time from the port,it will be hard but the experiences gathered will make the journey worth it.

Lot's of love,

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