Thursday, 23 February 2012

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears...

Well,the title doesn't actually represent my mood because I'm very happy,for some unknown reason,I just got it from a song and because I liked it I used it.Anyway,so it's been a tough week but today and tommorow i won't have any private lessons(yeah!!!) so I've got plenty of free time that I'm not willing to spend on studying..

When I was a little girl(about 5-6 years old) I had this idea/theory about the rain.It was like the best way to hide when you were feeling unhappy and especially when you were crying.The rain drops would hide every little tear that could come out of your eyes.And it's normal because you get wet anyway.So,everytime I was sad and I wanted to cry and outside it was raining I was choosing the rain.It really worked.When you are outside no one asks you why were you crying so,no explanations needed.Of course they were wondering what were you doing outside when you could get wet in like 2 minutes.But it's easy to find an explanation about that.

I haven't done that for a lot of years now.But to tell you the truth everytime it rains I think about it and laugh to myself.How many silly things were we doing when we were little and back then we thought that it was so clever of us??I was also thinking about that today because here it's raining like crazy...Plus I had to go and give blood for a blood test and I came back soaking wet!Just keep your fingers cross that the results will be as I wish for them to be.

Hoping you little readers won't need the rain for covering your tears because I really wish for you not to change your smiling face because of your tears...^_^

All yours...


  1. Γειά σου κοριτσάκι :)
    Εύχομαι όλα καλά με τις εξετάσεις αίματος και όχι άλλα δάκρυα !
    Φιλάκια στα μουτράκια **

    1. Thanks my dear Lyriel!!
      Kai sena elpizw to proswpaki sou na exei ena fwteino xamogelo...Filia polla!!:*

  2. Let's see if I can comment, shall we? No, I'm not dead! Although it has been ages since I've had internet connection, but oh well. I love reading your blog, It always gives me the best feeling! Well, I wish I could talk more, but I got to run. Have a splendid day!