Thursday, 9 February 2012

'Cause faith is so hard to find...

"Believe it or not everyone have things that they hide" 
How true...As I've already told in another post we all have secrets...And sometimes even though it seems weird we have secrets even from ourself sometimes...It's called guilt I think...So,don't forget that no matter how close you can be to someone there will always be things untold...Because even if you trust the other more than anyone else,there will always be this secret side of yourself,so take good care of it...

"Believe it or not everyone keeps most things inside"
Kind of fits the one above...There are times when you want to say something or better to SCREAM it out loud..But you don't..ever wondered why??it's like you've got something inside you that prevents some things from happening...Or you stop yourself because you don't want to hurt someone with what you want to say...And of course there are the feelings that some people want to have them hidden for some way...I think it's about time to let ourselves free...without doubt,just scream out loud whatever comes to your mind!Life looks so much better then!!

"Believe it or not everyone believes in something above"
Even people who say that there's nothing to believe in they're wrong...I don't know if the thing above us is called God,Jesus,Buddha,Zeus or whatever...Maybe it's the need we feel to believe that there is someone up there watching us,taking care of us,making us pay for our mistakes...I can't describe myself as someone religious but there are times when I think about it...I used to believe in destiny once...I still do,but I don't think it counts as a religion..

"Believe it or not everyone needs to feel loved"
I think that I don't need to explain that...who doesn't want to be "surrounded" by love..By people he/she loves and love him/her back...Sometimes love doesn't even need to be expressed with words...It's not what you say,it's what you feel and if that's love then don't worry,it will find the way to be seen..

*So,both the headline and the first lines are taken by Nickelback's song "Believe it or not"..One of my favorite songs recently...And all I can say is thanks for the inspirstion that it seemed like I'd lost it..:)

All yours...

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  1. I believe in all four of the above... "Cause faith is so hard to find"... :)
    The last few days i'm thinking of leaving this "world" for brighter days... ♥

    Take care beautiful!