Saturday, 28 January 2012

Undergraduating expectations..*.*

It's alittle bit too early to write something about that but I've been thinking about it a lot recently...In almost one and a half year I'm going to graduate from high-school and until then one thing will be written everywhere and that's STUDYING!!I really don't know how an I going to get through with it..It's not that I'm on a big pressure right now but I see friends and realtives who are one year older than me and I get a bit nervous about how it's gonna be like...So,the only thing that makes me happy when I think about all these is dreaming about my new life when I'll graduate from school and start my college life...

First of all,I'm gonna dye my hair red...Dark red because all the others won't look good on me(yeah,I do have dark hair colour even though my skin is white)..Either that or I'll have red highlights..I haven't desided yet.The sure thing is that I'm going to be a redhead..and I'm planing to do that next summer while I'll be on vacation at Corfu(it's not for sure but I really hope it will happen)

Another thing is having one more piercing..I already have my nose pierced  and it's not that I don't like it but I think that it's too ordinary after all...So,next stop is lips..I really want to pierce the right down side of my lips and I think that it would be great!And if it's not then...-.-

It's also known that while you're at the university you can go travelling with a program for free for one year...I've already made my decision!!London here I come(for one more time <3)!!I can't wait to go there again!!Magda I'll take you with me too!!

As for my house,I want to decorate it in order to remind England..I know,it's like I'm addicted to this country bu it's a fact that it's amazing...The flag,the colours,the people,the clothes..I find almost everything wonderfull and I've been dreaming of having a London-styled appartment which will of course have cupcakes and tea...

And last but not least,I want to make a collage with photos from my whole life..Photos of poeple who mean the world to me,photos of the ones which have been by my side,photos that state the wonderfull time I've been having and ones that will always make me cry...I want to create a wall full of photos and I'm pretty sure that in the end it will be worth it...

*And of course being at the unniversity means having fun,meeting people,partying,studying a little bit,leaving on your own and being yourself!!!And even though I'm not sure if all my expectations will come true,the last ones certainly will...

Have fun you happy people!! :)

And to those who deal with difficult situations because they have to study hard this year in order to pass in a university I'm wishing you luck,courage and hope you always have time for smiles...:)


  1. Και εγω αγχωνομαι βλεποντας τα παιδια που ειναι ενα χρονο μεγαλυτερα απο μας να πιεζονται τοσο και πιστευω οτι ειναι χειροτερο που εμεις το σκεφτομαστε ολο αυτο που θα ακολουθησει απο τωρα..αλλα δεν μπορουμε να κανουμε και αλλιως οταν το ακουμε απο ολους τους γυρω μας.!:/
    αχ κι εγω εχω πολλα σχεδια..! =) ευχομαι να τα πραγματοποιησειςςς<3

    1. Ma nai einia logiko na anxonomaste otan tous blepoume...Egw milaw me tis files mou pou pane troto kai mou lene katse n apolauseis auti ti xronia...
      Kai gw sou euxomai na pragmatopoiiseis ta sxedia sou gia to panepisitmio...Filia Polinidio <3 :*

  2. Wow!These are nice ambitions luv;)
    Sometimes even I feel like this..Just the nervous part about the garduate..and my life part 2(I haven't reached that far yet)!:S
    But it's really beautifull,how calmly you face it!*-*

    1. Murtw darling it's great that you think about your future but don't get nervous from's too early...You'll get nervous for us next year..:P
      as for the plans I have been thinking about my future since forst grade,of course almost everything has changed but it's good to plan your life,even if it doesn't turn otu the way you'd thought it would...And as for the calmness we'll see next year..:P
      Kisses beautiful London girl(I knew we would match ;) ) :*

  3. Ναιναιναιναιναι να πάμε Λονδίνο!!!
    (μην αγχώνεστε,η τρίτη λυκείου είναι εντελώς υπερεκτιμημένη. Κυριως ως προς τη σημαντικότητα των πανελληνιων. Αλλά αυτό δε σημαίνει ότι δεν θα βάλουμε τα δυνατά μας:)) Και να συνεχισεις να ονειρευεσαι γιατί αυτό,και τίποτα άλλο,είναι που σε μας κρατάει ενεργούς. Εγώ κάθε μερά αυτό κάνω!
    Φιλιά πολλα<3

    1. Nai Magda,gi auto diabazeis oli mera,epeidi einai uperektimimeni i triti lukeiou...Anyway,I was thinking of you when I wrote the post..:)
      Keep dreaming lovely girl...<3

  4. Miazun poli oi stoxoi mas mu fenete! :D Pos legete ayto to programma gia ta taksidia p ipes?

    1. To erasmus...einai se oles tis sxoles nomizw alla allazoun ta meri pou pas analogws ti sxoli...