Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year=New Start=New Problems??

First of all Happy New Year everyone!!!!!I really hope you've spent the last day of 2011 with excitement..I had a great time..Actually I wanted 2011 to end because let's face it,I don't think anyone liked this year...It's not only one thing that made it suck,it was a combination of things...I spent the last night of the year wearing a black dress with the sign of England,a breezer in my hand and three very sweet girls by my side!!Of course I spent the rest of the day(before the Eve's night) listening to Nickelback(what else??) and cooking with my mum...

But this is not supposed to be a post about my New Year's Eve...It's about the changes that this year brings(?)...Actually,we think about it as a whole new thing but is it??I mean the only thing that changed in my life is the fourth number in the calendar...But as most of the people I think about it as a whole new thing,a whole new start...It's the decision time..We make goals and new hopes but that doesn't mean that the old ones have changed or dissappeared..

The only decision I've taken for this year is to be as happy as I can...But it's something I always want for myself so it's not a life-changing decision..Let's see...I want to concentrate more because especially during the Christmas holidays I find it almost impossible to study...I don't want to be a better person,only because I know that I can't..even if I say I'm going to be one I forget it after a few days so there is no point of setting this target...I want to make sweets!!!A lot of them...What else??Oh,I know..I want to be a less emotional person because it looks like I've left my logic sleeping for a long time and I need to wake her up...

As for the problems..Unfrtunately we always deal and have to face them..And there are always problems that follow us since the last year...Even thought I think that I haven't left any of those for this year..But some new are going to come up so I'm prepared to knock them down(Even though I'm not completely sure I can do that)...

I really wish for a great year...If I could draw it the way I want it to be than it'd be like a little fairytale...But my little cloud made of fairy dust begins to fade away..I'm not going to be lost without it..I'm just going to lose some of its magic..And I really need some magic this year...So,when I feel like there's no magic left in this world I'll blog...And when I'm overdosed with magic I'll also blog to also fill your little hearts with some of my magic...

"There is magic everywhere...If someone remembers to turn the light on..."

Keep dreaming,Smiling,Hoping and searching for your own kind of magic...
Happy New Year full of passion and excitement!!


  1. *_*
    Nadia that was..brilliant!!:D
    Firstly you are apsolutelly right about the calendar thing!!I mean that we made the whole year-change thing so there's no real change if we don't want to.Also I hope your ambitions come true!;)
    Soooooooo,have a magic,full of fairies,colourfull,awesome NEW Year!<3(For once again;D)

  2. Mirto darling thanks(for one more time)!!! :)
    I'm so glad that you agree with me about the dates thing because it's like most people forget that it's not such a big deal and they get really dissapointed when they actually see that there haven't been any dramatic changes in their lives...
    Have a Happy new as sweet as candy year!!(For once more as you say..:P)
    Kisses <3