Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Magic is found in the smallest details

A few days ago I was scanning through my old posts and I found one called "Undergraduating Expectations" which is basically an entry I wrote 2,almost 3 years ago making plans about my future as a university student.It's not about big plans it's about small details that I found inspirational at that time and actually were motivational conserning studying.Anyway,I had completely forgoten about these plans after all this time and to my surprise I have actually done almost everything that is written without remembering it and so I wanted to share it with you just to show that when you want something and believe that even the smallest detail can make you life a little bit brighter then it stays with you and you actually do it just because it feels right for you.
Summer's red hair

Sooo,first of all the post was about dying my hair dark red which happened last Febuary and is still going on.It's not actually dark red but my hair is dark anyway so I'm thinking about sticking to it and
maybe I'll try something closer to deep red-purple in the future.

The lip piercing,I had forgotten generally.I mean I think I'm over it now,I've already got my nose pierced so I might be done with piercings BUT truth is that when I saw the post it crossed through my mind again that it might look good.
Travelling..hmmm.No,I haven't been to London again for the time being.I will go at some point but also Dublin has become one of my top destinations.
A part of my living room
And now we move on to the house thing which IS decorated in oredr to remind England.My living room is actually the most representative room for taht project of mine.And people coming to my house usually comment about that "addiction" of mine.

Wall photo-collage
I also mentioned a photo-collage in this post which I had completely forgoten and guess what.Last year when I moved in I had this completely blanc wall and the idea hit me.I started printing photos of my family and friends and also pinning tickets from travels I made last year,movies I went to and generally pieces of memories.When I saw the collage idea I was planning it was obvious that my inspirations haven't changed a
bit.Now my wall is almost full but Im going to go ahead and keep pinning everything that reminds me of small and grant life experiences.

Last but not least I wrote about people that I wanted to meet,different people,new ones so that new friendships will be built.It may seem easy but it is never that simple.Luckily I believed I've found some great new ones.
Some of my new friends :)

I do advise you to make a small list of little things you want to do in the next year,or in the next five years in order to see if you could actually do a few of them you once dreamt of.Dreams are big and small and life is consisted of both of them.You have to remember though that in order to get to the big picture you have to start seeing the little parts and realize that there lies untold beauty.

In life we do a lot of things.Some we wish we had never done.Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads.But no matter how good or bad they all make us who we are,and in the end they shape every detail about us,the person we are and our character.If we were to reverse any of them we wouldn't be the person we are.Small details can change the whole pisture and that's why there is a reason for what we do.So just live,make mistakes,have wonderful memories,meet new people,make plans and dreams but never ever second guess who you are,where you have been,what you've done and most importantly where it is you are going.Each one of us is his/her own self that has his own details,his own scars,his own paths that have or will form the future.

Never stop dreaming,never stop believing that something wonderful is just around the corner,it might not come in the form or from the corner you expect it to come but it will come and will fill you with joy.

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