Sunday, 7 December 2014

Every letter of December speaks to me

  T.S. Eliot wrote that "April is the cruelest month" and I have to disagree.Personally I believe that November is the worse month of all,just because it passes without leaving anything behind.It is the month when winter has already begun and Christmas still seem far.It is a month of bareness and lack of inspiration for myself.Of course you don;t have to agree with me on that,I'm just saying why I actually didn't write or post anything a month now.Well anyway November is over and December has for one more time embraced me and filled me with happiness and excitement.If you think about it every letter of the word "December" can relate to a word which seems pretty close to the "meaning" of this month and in this post it is my version of them.

So,starting with D,the first thing that pops in my mind is decorations of course.Not just in the house but around every single corner there are lights and ornaments.From shop windows to streets,there is a light following you everywhere you go.Big and small trees,colourful balls,little angels,bright stars,simple and more modern decorations.Everywhere you look you can see something different and get inspired to create your own festive decoration.It actually hurts being away from home these days.

E is a complex letter...I associate it with entertainment for start bu of course entertainment isn't only associated with December.Anyway,it is a month and a season that has many relevant movies,songs,theatre productions,parties and family traditions.Every year my parents and I watch "Home alone",Christmas can't actually exist without that movie,it is a sort of tradition for us actually.In addition to that there is a CD with Christmas songs from classic to new ones that my mother and I play on repeat almost everyday.Even I have made my own Christmas play list (which I listen to all year long) and sing aloud songs like "Rudolph","It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas","Santa Baby" etc.

Moving along to C,there are plenty of words actually.Well the obvious is Christmas but there is also the chimney,the chestnuts,the cookies and sooooooo much more.There is nothing better than sitting near the fireplace while watching a movie and eating roasted chestnuts.Even now I can close my eyes and feel the warmth and the sweet smell.Combine these with a hot chocolate and there you have the perfect night(staying inside can always work for everyone in Christmas).

The second E is dedicated to the Eves.There is the Christmas Eve which is for me associated with my grandparents as we spent it together every year in their house and then there is New Year's Eve which means lots of food and sweets and then going out celebrating with friends.Just thinking about it makes me all excited(but it might also be the fact that I've already found the dress I will be wearing in New Year's Eve).It is as if in those days everything is perfect,there is a feeling of happiness roaming everywhere around you.

If Magic is everywhere then you can understand that it is in its best on December Mornings.There is a sparkle about them.I will never forget the feeling of fulfilment when you wake up early and you have to go to school/work and see the Christmas tree all lighten-up.It is the greatest "Good morning" existing as it makes you actually believe that it will be good because you will carry a sparkle with you all day long.

B is for baking of course.We should all admit it that deep inside it is not the season about presents but thee one about food.The creative self takes on and recipes start popping out of everywhere.From sweet to salty and sour it is the time everyone is trying to create something.Sometimes it might not work but it's ok,when you bake especially even if you fail the house will smell like freshly baked cookies/cake or whatever and there is not a single air freshener that can beat that smell.

Last E of the word and last month of the year so it is all about endings.If you think about it most people can't wait for December to come and go so as for a new year to start.Goals,expectations and wishes for the new year are made.Well I've already written my theory of all these "New Year Wishes" and I stick to it.The new year won't bring anything new unless you decide to change something yourselves."New Year Wishes" is like starting diet on Mondays.Every day is a new day but the ending of the year may be actually a good day to try and change.Just remember that every ending is a new beginning.

And here comes R,holding your relationships on its shoulders.Relationships are important everyone knows that.No one can live on his own(remember "Lost" 's "We live together or we die alone").So it is important to keep you relatives first of all close and this time of the year actually offers you the opportunity to do that.Family is important,it might sound cliche but it is.Friends are also essential so no matter what try and meet with them as soon as possible.Just one last thing,relationships are indeed difficult to maintain so if there is a person that gets you down you can always keep your distance.Your happiness is more important than anyone else's.

No matter what never leave your bed in the morning without a broad smile,don't let the cold get inside you,try going out as often as possible (a little light magic is always needed when feeling down) and keep believing the best is yet to come.

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