Saturday, 31 March 2012

How do you feel??

"How do you feel???That is the question...But I don't expect an easy answer.When something like a soul becomes initialized and folded up like paper dolls and little notes.You can't expect a bit of hope..."
-Stone Sour "Through the glass"

I really love this song and especially this part so I thought about starting my today's post with it.How do you feel???Most of us don't actually know because it can never be only one feeling right??It's just that one is one top and covers everything else or there's a mixture of them.Anyway,no matter what you feel like,I decided to make this post a little different.In every feeling's image hides a song so you can click on it and get to the song that I've put behind it and (to me) fits with the way you feel....Anyway,try to enjoy it...:)

If you feel kind of hopeless....

If you feel like you're in love....

If you feel as if you're looking for happiness....

If you want to get over a break up....

If you feel like you're in kind of trouble....

If you have a crush on someone (though afraid to admit)....

If you're like depressed....

Soooo that's all that I could manage to write...Anyway I want to tell you guys something irrelevant.I've started writing a book of my own in a webpage where everyone can write..If you want go,check it out and tell me what you think...:)


  1. Cute post honey!Full of truths:)
    And..Oh my God Nadia!
    I read the first 3 chapters of your book!You really have a talent,haven't you?
    You should carry on!<3

    1. Mirto honey thank you...:)
      I'm so glad you liked the post and the're such a sweetheart...:)
      Lot's of love...:*

  2. I liked this post.
    Also, I read some chapters from your book - I aven't finished them yet - and, while I liked it, I have to make certain observations:
    1)Things are evolving a bit too quickly. You need to elaborate on certain moments. Notice on your favourite books how the narrator gives a clearer image of what's happening, where, when, how it's happening and how the heroine/hero is feeling.
    2)Kelly immediatelly labeling Eva as a slut struck me as rather judgemental. The only reason she did it was because Eva took an interest in Bryan and she attracted the attention of boys (and she was good while doing it). It sounded a bit as if Eva is a femme fatale of sorts and all the petty women in the neighbourhood immediately started judging her.
    3) Bryan not even noticing Kelly was a bit awkward because it happened way too fast, in a manner of seconds.
    4) A headmaster should NOT say stuff like that.
    5) Some of the dialogues were a bit stilted. They felt kind of awkward.
    6) Don't overuse question marks. One is enough.

    Uh, well, those were my observations and I hope I helped. They were the first observations anyone made to me too so I thought I'd share them. However the idea is interesting so I'll stay tuned, ok?