Saturday, 26 November 2011

Prince charming theories...

So,do you believe in prince cherming???Does he really excists and he tries to find his other half among us???I believe that we are somekind of infected by all those princess films that we were watching when we were little...In those movies everything is simple...Something happens and there comes this pretty boy that you instantly fall in love with(and the opposite of course) and someone is trying to split you two up and there comes the revenge where the prince does everything just to make you feel happy and beautiful...

Yeah right,this might have happen to Ariel or Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty but NOT in real life...I think that if not all then most of the girls keep on wondering about when is he going to come??And the answer is..Never??I mean ok don't expect someone with a white horse and a shield that is going to kill a dragon.These things don't happen...He might be someone with jeans and a T-shirt.And being charming doesn't always means that he's going to be the most handsome of them all..

And now,what if he comes???And what if you don't recognise him???And whet if he is the boy right next to you that you don't even care about???Then dear,you've lost the game...Looking for someone who is pretty doesn't mean that he is going to take care of you...Search for this guy who will always be by your side and he might be there but you haven't even noticed him...And you know what??You might never find your prince charming because in our minds we've made him look like someone without bad personality and that doesn't excists...The point is to love the other with his disadvantages...And if you care about him too much don't let him go...

"When I was a little girl I used to read fairytales.In fairy tales you meet prince charming and he's everything you ever wanted.In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot.The bad guy is always wearing black cape so you always know who he is.Then you grow up and you realize that prince charming is not as easy ato find as you thought.You realize that the bad guy isn't wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot : he's really funny and hemakes you laugh"
Taylor Swift

All yours...:)


  1. Too many bad guys and so difficult to recognize them...The worst is when that boy's sign is Gemini :P Ok, joking, but they are just supposed to have a very unstable personality, you think you're starting to know them and then they change! -.- Anyway, I'm still waiting for my prince although I don't believe in mutual love.. and what if he never comes?
    There are other things that make me happy :)

  2. And imagine that I wrote these before that happened with him..It's like I knew...But you know what??I don't feel anything anymore...And I don't believe prince charming is going to come...I mean I don't think he even searches for us...My ideal prince charming excists only in a book(you know which) and in my imagination...:)