Sunday, 6 November 2011

Show off your true colours....

So,this time (because I'm reaaaaaaaally happy) I decided to write about something that I find very interesting...Evn though it's not the best time of my (our) life (lives),not only because of studying (if I see another text of ancient greek today I swear I'm gonna kill myself..) but also because of the "situation" we have here in Greece only because our president is stupid and want us to get bankrupt...Anyway all these things just drive me mad so in order to stop thinking about that I concentrated in the meaning of colours...

I guess I'm going to start with,red is one of the warmest colours and people think it has two sides...The good one symbolises passion and joy and the bad one anger and temper.And because blood is red,it also symbolises life and vitality.So decide to put this colour in your life if you want more enthusiasm,energy and confidende to chase your dreams....When someone wears red he/she wants to show that is dynamic and wants to feel less insecure...

Next is Yellow...did you know that people who are blind to other colours can only see yellow because it is the easiest colour to see??It's pure and it shows creation and it can make you concentrate easier (maybe that's why note pads are mostly yellow).It symbolises wisdom,joy and happiness...It can bring clarity in your life if you have to make important decisions,relief you from panic and sharpen your memory...

Green is the colour of nature and fertility...It symbolises balance,self-respect,well being and money...It was believed that it was healing for the eyes and that's why Egyptians wore green eye liner...It offers you a new state of balance,freedom to chase new ideas and protection from anxieties and fears...Wear green if you want to overcome a situation...

The colour of the sky,ocean,sleep and twilight...Blue...It's a calming colour and it shows truth and moderation it also symbolises youth and communication...Artists use it to show distance and perspective...So,you can use it in order to calm and relax,to broaden your boarders regarding to learning new things and it brings solitude and peace...

White symbolises purity and kindness...It's the energy of light and in many cultures it represends openess and truth...Put it to your life if you want to clear obsatcles away,to start a fresh begining and to purify your thoughts and actions...

Last but not least is Black...which is actually a misunderstood colour..It absorbs all aspects of light and it is linked to the unknown and the unseen..It also shows emptiness but also mysterious while providing a sence of potential and possibility...

*So,that's all from me....I hope you found these as interesting as I think they are...
**Oh,and I actually started dancing classes this week and it's wonderfull!!!

Take care....
All yours....


  1. Actually I couldn't agree more!
    Colours bring light in our lives!I love colours anyway!:D
    You also could write about pink..The girl's colour.The most playfull colour in my opinion...
    However,great article!;)
    Have fun at dancing classes!<3

  2. Πως ήταν ο χορός Ναντιάκι? Είμαι σίγουρη πως θα σκίσεις! Όσο για τα χρώματα θα συμφωνήσω! Τελευταία θέλω αν φοράω κάτι κόκκινο πάνω μου κι όχι μαύρο που συνήθιζα να βάζω συνέχεια. Μάλλον έχεις δίκιο σε αυτό που γράφεις, πως όταν φοράς κόκκινα θες να νιώσεις λιγότερο ανασφαλής. Φιλιά :*

  3.'re right about the pink,I actually thought about writing pink and purple but it was too late as I had already published it -.-....Anyway..m aresei pou eimaste ellinides kai milame sta agglika sta sxolia...:P Filiaaaa...<3

    Anastasia sto xoro itan teleia!!!Ase pou exoume kai ena kouklo daskalo(enas parapnw logos gia na m aresei to latin..;)Elpizw pragmatika na pianei kai se sena to "trik" me ta kokkina rouxa,an kai den einai mono thema rouxwn alla kai sunideisis...Se filw...:*

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  5. Hahahaha,nai..Alli koultoura exoun omws ta agglika!;)

  6. Hahahahahahahaha....Sumfwnw...deixnoume oti exoume anwteri paideia...:P <3 :)

  7. Na mou peis ti dhlwnei to mwvaki pou einai to xrwma mou..:) :P
    Epishs mallon prepei epitelous na apokthsw kai kati kokkino...:P
    Kai nai, einai ontws interesting..! :)

  8. Hmm...ok tha to psaksw kai tha sou pw sto sxoleio..:)

  9. Χμμ τόσα χρόνια ψηφίζω κόκκινο δαγκωτό. Το αγαπημένο μου χρώμα μακράν. Αν και τα υπόλοιπα δεν πάνε πίσω. Μ΄αρέσει που συνδύασες το καθένα με την ιδιότητά του, ολόκληρη "επιστήμη" έχει γίνει η ψυχολογία των χρωμάτων! :)