Monday, 28 November 2011

A letter from your eating disorder...

(As I was searching for some random images,I saw this text and I must say that I support everything that is written,so I decided to post it...I'm sure that at least one of you has dealt with an eating disorder..So have I and I strongly believe that w must fight in order to prevent other people from having one too)

Hello,my name is anorexia

       People who invite me in their lives think they choose me,but in reality I choose them.I am ruthless as soon as you give me a chance to enter your life.I will make you miserable.I control you.I am your master and I will make it extremely difficult to kick me out of your life.I make you think I am your best friend and the only one who understands youbut that is only so you let me stay in your life long enough for me to take it.There is nothing special about you,you are just the host for my infliction of desolation and despair on your own life.Some people invite me in their lives and some don't give me the time of day.I just keep on going person to person looking for my next victim.Once I'm done with you I will move on to the next person.I am ruthless,I do not care about you and I am not your friendI am the worst of the worst and the scum of the earth.I am anorexia...
P.S.You should probably try to kill me before I do kill you.

Your worst nightmare...

So,that's it..I think we all know that what's written is correct and it's true that when you're in a situation like that then you can't see brightly the damage that's caused to your body.You think that skinnier is better and prettier and that it can't actually harm you.ut when someone does help you open up your eyes then you see tha what you're doing is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself.The point is to love you the way YOU are and not the way the others want to see you.Because let's face it,you are not the one who decides to do that,it's the others that make you feel  like you need to change.So NEVER let brothers-sisters,classmates,boyfriends-girlfriends,friends and generally anyone to convince you that you are not pretty enough,tall enough,thin enough...

You are who you are and you should be proud of that!!!
And one more only live once,do it the way you deserve!!!:)

All yours....


  1. Oooo Nadia,I wish I could love myself as I am.But I really cant do this.I am on a diet the last months,ok not exctly diet I'm just carfull what I am eating,I've lost some weight.But I want more.And the problem is that I don't know for who I am doing this,me(?) or the others(?).
    I just wanna be normal:S

  2. Who can define normal??We are all so normal that we end up being abnormal so because I know you I'm telling you to stop doing that to yourself...Ok,you can be carefull of what you eat,for example you can avoid eating sweets every day but you need them at least twice per week...And you are perfect the way you are..No one can tell that you are fat(not even your brother,because I know he does and I've told him a hunded times that he's wrong about that)...I know that it's hard to ignore it but the point is for you to be happy...And believe me,you don't need to loose weight in order to make that happen...You are your own kind of pretty and no one can deny that...:) :)

  3. "*People who invite me in their lives think they choose me,but in reality I choose them.I am ruthless as soon as you give me a chance to enter your life.I will make you miserable.*"
    True story.
    I just wish we could spread the word to everyone out there,my sweet Nadi. But i'm afraid only few will believe the hugeness of the harm that this nightmare does to a person(more psycologicaly than physicaly),without having dealt with it personaly. But we will try anyway:)
    kisses on the cheeks!

  4. I know Magdi...It's hard because it's difficult to understand what happens to you at this point...But it's worth a shoot..:) And I agree with the quote...If someone really loves and respects us then he/she shoouldn't just choose us only because we are thin or pretty...It's our soul that matters and how we really feel about ourselves...<3

  5. Well,Im trying.Okay I know that my brother call the 80% of the people fat so I don't care.Its how I feel...
    I'll try to be ok with myself as much as I can anyway;)

  6. I'm glad you think of that..Do whatever you think is good for you...And people can't be splitted in two categories:fat and skinny...The best thing is to be between those two...:)