Saturday, 22 October 2011

Dancing in the air!!!

I just LOVE this song...The first time I heard it,it was in season 3 of a greek tv-series(one of the best ones actually) named Singles...But that's not the reason why I decided to write this post...The actual reason is because yesterday I (finally) found the place where I'm going to take dance classes!!!!!!!!!

I'm just sooooooooooo excited!!!I don't know why,as I've always been mixing my life with dancing..I guess it's because it's going to be a whole new know,new faces,new dance instuctors,new moves...I love dancing...

Well,the only bad thing is that it's only once a week and it's close to the centre of Heraklion so I may have some problems with going there...Well,anyway I don't mind...The only thing I know is that I can't wait until next Thursday..Then,I'm going to take my first latin class for this year!!!

My feet are ready to get into the rather uncomfortable but beautiful latin shoes and start making turns and dancing to the music of salsa,mambo and rumba...And I'm also going to take European dance classes that I've also taken last year so beloves Tango,here I come!!!!:)

*I hope all of you have also painted a big smile on your face!! :)

**20 readers!?!Thank you all!!You are soooooo sweet!!

All yours..<3


  1. I'm very happy for you my little butterfly!<3
    I hope that I will join the Oriental class soon, too!:) I've wanted it since the summer of 2010
    but I went to the crazy dancer we were talking about yesterday (:P) and he made me change my mind and postpone it, I hope!:P

  2. Αχ με έβαλες δίπλα στις φωτογραφίεεεεεες <3 <3
    Looooove you:) I feel really honoured now<3
    Οσο για το χορό,χαίρομαι πολύ που χαίρεσαι,αν και δεν σε έχω δει ποτέ να χορεύεις και πρέπει! Αλλά δεν κάνετε ποτέ καμία γιορτή? Πρώτη θέση θα κάθομαι!
    sweet kisses:*

  3. Butterfly I'm also glad about you!!And I hope you won't pospone it any longer...

    Magdiiii an den ebaza esena poion tha ebaza kale??Ti les pou de m exeis dei??afou sto baleto eixate erthei..Alla an kanoume kamia ekdilwsi sigoura tha eisai apo yous prwtous pou tha to mathoun...Love you honey...:*

  4. Εννοώ δεν σε έχω δει σε λάτιν βρε!

  5. Κι εγώ τρελαίνομαι για το χορό!!! Όχι λάτιν όμως, μου αρέσει το μπαλέτο και το σύγχρονο, και έχω πόρωση με το τζαζ :) λές να ειμαι τζαζ?
    καλή βδομάδα **

  6. Το tango είναι η λατρεία μου! Το αργεντίνικο ειδικά... Enjoy

  7. Lyriel ta exw dokimasei ola...kai mpaleto exw kanei kai sugxrono kai jazz...apla to latin einai teleiws diaforetiko...kai pia nomizw oti me ekfrazei perissotero ap ola..

    Kai Anastasia mou thanks gia to tragoudaki!!!Einai uperoxo!!:)