Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Is winter getting closer or is it my imagination???

As days go by the weather starts changing...Until last week we could even go to the sea but two days now,the weather looks exactly as it should be!!!Ok,I love summer but in Crete,it lasts long and even though someone may think that that's great well...it's not...at least for me....

We miss winter here...we miss cold...we miss the rain...we never see snow...Yeah,the last one is a fact...So,as you can understand we almost never feel the sweet winter chill...But I'm glad that right now it feels like autumn...Our autumn usually looks like spring (except for the flowers and the allergies)...

Yesterday I felt the climat changing and I actually started the usual "celebration" I do everytime I feel that winter's getting closer...My hands and my toes were cold(as they usually are in winter),so I wore socks and I was walking inside the house just by wearing them..Of course I was wearing a jacket and underneath my rolling stone's tee-shirt...I actually drunk the first tea of the year yesterday and I was really excited about it!!The sweet taste of english breakfast tea rolling down my neck made everything seem better...And how could I forget the soft light of the candles...No,I couldn't acceot staying with the lights on at such a night...so our living room was filled with the pale candle light....The rain was hitting the windows solemly creating my beloved sound...

And that's how I welcomed the soon-coming winter...I really look forward to that...I don't know why...Maybe it's because of christmas(I'm going a little too far...in 74 days!! ^_^ )...Or maybe I've missed the warmth of the fireplace...Oh,I don't know....maybe I've missed the whole thing!!One thing is for sure...I'll be the one of the first people to welcome it and one of the first that will want summer back...But until then,cheers to winter-autumn and the fascinating feeling of the rain,the dark colours and the warm cups of tea...

All yours...<3


  1. Ti wraies perigrafes! San na vriskomai ekei! Me kaneis na 8elw ki egw na piw to prwto mou tsai kai na anapsw kerakia klp:P! Agapame xeimwna! :) Agapame zesth sokolata, tzaki, kouvertoules, tainia, gossip :P
    (kai twra perigrafw mia apo tis vradies pou 8a frontisoume na perasoume kapoia stigmh fetos oles mazi!^.^)...

  2. Ennoeitai!!!!
    Egw analambanw to tsai kai ta gluka...:)

  3. ..νωρις μας ηρθε φετος...κρυωσαμε απο τωρα!

    καλο μεσημερι :)

  4. Ok, maybe my luck will hold out and I'll be able to post... Anyways, no snow, autume like spring? That blows my mind. Theres feet of snow here by the end of fall! Anyways, glad that your enjoying your springish fall/winter! By the way, I feel bad because I always read your blog but for some reason I cant post comments...

  5. Τέλεια περιγραφή για το χειμώνα που σιγά σιγά κάνει τα πρώτα δειλά βήματα να μπει....γιατί άργησε κιόλας! :)

  6. Ακόμη ένα σχόλιο καθώς θέλω να ενημερώσω πως έχει βραβείο από μένα....πέρνα από το blog να το παραλάβεις! φιλάκια!

  7. Oh,you are sooooooooo sweet!!!!
    Thank you!!!:)