Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Some of the best things in life...

~> Warm showers on a cold day...(especially now that it's winter I can't get in the shower withou hot water)

~> Knowing that everything is going to be ok...(everything will be ok in the end,if it's not ok then it's not the end)

~> Falling asleep to the rain...(I've written a thousand times about that...The sound of the rain is the best lullaby after a long day)

~> Being trusted by a secret..(it means that someone actually thinks you are worth his/her trust)

~> The moment you put your head underwater a hot day...(when the sun is bright during summer it's amazing to put your head under a tap or even better to dive into the blue sea)

~> When you wake up and your hair is perfect...(oh how I wish I had less Bad Hair Days)

~> Feeling pretty...(no explanation needed)

~> Laughing so much it hurts...(the best pain you can offer your friends is the one of laughter)

~> Late summer nights oon the beach...(with a good guitar player,a fire in the sand and the peaceful sound of the waves)

~> Being able to be yourself and know you are not getting judged...(don't be afraid to be yourself,there's only one of you so you're special)

~> Showing your brightest and warm smile...(because being happy doesn't mean that everything's perfect,it means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections)

All yours...<3


  1. Nantiakiii^^
    M'aresei polu to blog sou etsi opws to ekanes twra pou to alla3es alla kai to sugkekrimeno post... eidika auto "(everything will be ok in the end,if it's not ok then it's not the end)"
    m'arese polu! kai oi eikones kai auta pou grafeis, ola!
    Sumfwnw kai molis to anevasa fb!<3

  2. I saw it sweetheart!!! :) <3