Saturday, 16 July 2011

People change...

Someone once said that just like seasons,people change...I heard this quote recently and I started thinking,do we actually change?and why do we take that decision of changing??

Well,I believe that each one of us has to change him/her self at least once during his/her life.But by changing we mean a lot of things like changing our mind about something,making importamt decisions that we want to follow,mayby even changing our appearance or our character.

First of all,we all have our own ideas and our beliefs.But sometimes we decide to change everything that we believe in because one person told us to or because we feel that those things we used to believe in don't represent us anymore.Maybe it's because we're getting older or more mature.That's a great thing...I mean I agree that at some point we might need to change our ideas in order to fit with something new that we've created but i think that it's wrong to change everything because of one person.Even if you think that he/she is the most important person for you in the whole world...

In our lives there always comes a time when we have to make important decisions.These may include our present or our future.Usually that kind of decisions is hard to be taken but we have to choose.There are a lot of people(and I know that because I've actually met some of them) who have fully organised their lives.They already know what they are going to do in ten years,their job,the person with who they are going to get married(because they are dating right now),the number of kids they want to have and other similar stuff.I think it's good to organise your life but I find it also tiring.If you have already decided about your life then it's going to be boring.Anyway,at some point we have to change the plans that we've made for our lives and make new ones.

Something that a lot of young people do is changing their appearance.Especially the teenagers,who believe that everything is wrong with them.I've been through that.I once thought that I was fat and even though everyone was telling me that I was normal(and i was),I didn't believe them.I did anything in order to loose weight because I thought that everything would be much different if i did something like that.So I reached a point when I didn't eat almost anything and I felt weaker and weaker every day.Then I realised that if i continued doing that I would end up in a hospital.So I made the decision of trying to gain some weight and get back to normal.I'm glad I made that decision and I'm glad that everyone supported me in that.So...whatever some people say,don't you ever change!!!You are beautiful just the way you are!!!

I think that the worst change someone can do is changing his/her character.I mean come on,each one of us has a specific character which has both positive and negative points,but there are some people who believe that they need to change everything about themselves.I really don't understand that.Nobody likes someone who has "a new me" style.There is no "new me" as there is no "old me".We are all the same and no one can make us change our personalities.And for those who decide themselves that they don't like who they are,then they can't appreciate themselves.Even if they manage to change,they'll propably and up alone...
Decisions should be made cause changes always happen.But we should be the ones who make those decisions...remember that no one knows us better than we know ourself .If we decide to chang ourselves then it'sok as long as there's no one else who made us believe that we want a change and as long as it isn't a dramatic change.

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