Friday, 15 July 2011

Imperfection is beautiful....

We all have our own ideas about beauty....Each one of us finds attractive different people.And that's the nature of the human.Imagine what it would be like if we all liked one certain type of people...The whole world would be a mess...

Anyway,we have to accept that everyone has his/her imperfections.No one is and no one will ever be perfect.Actually,there is no way to define what is perfect.For some,it may be having blue eyes,or being tall.For some others it may be having long hair or being thin.But let's accept it,it's not possibe to look exactly how we want.

I mean,who wouldn't like having beautiful big eyes,being tall,having an amazing body that even athlet's would be jealous of??We all dream about ourself.We sometimes even wish of having something that someone else has.But is this good for us??

I believe that it doesn't actually help us.Ok,sometimes it might be good to admire one person for his/her looks but not try to follow him/her.If we do that,then we don't have self esteem and most off all we aren't going to be happy because we'll feel trapped into someone else.Walk out the streets and you'll see a lot of girls who are extremely thin.Why are they doing that?Because they want to look like someone else.Because they believe that they will be prettier.But prettier doesn't equal with skinnier.
Remember that  you know yourself better.And that there is no beauty without a peculiarity.So just stay focused to the positive aspects of yourself.Even some things that you may think that are negative,it depends on the aspect you see them....:)

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