Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dreams...nightmares...and fears

"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters"-Henry David Thoreau

Have you ever wandered why do we dream??Or what is dreaming??

First of all,a dream can include images,thoughts and emotions that we have during our sleep.There is no actual purpose which can explain why we dream.Some people believe that dreaming isn't essential and doesn't have a particular purpose.On the other hand there are others who believe that dreaming is important fot our mental,emotional and physical well-being.

There are some dream theories who support that during our sllep,our desires,thoughts and motivations are revialed through our dreams.It is also believed that we reveal our true personality during our sleep and any kinds of secrets or guilt can take part in our dreams.In that case the dream is called nightmare.

But why are we actually afraid of nightmares??I believe that it's because we are afraid of something and that can actually affect our sleep.So nightmares are the fears and the problems we can't face.It's not because we are weak to face them.It's because we think that they are too big for us and that nomatter what we'll do,it still won't be enough.We give them dimensions that don't respond to the reality.

We are afraid of something that we don't know.We are afraid of it and in our mind we make it look bigger than it actually is.But when we get close to it,when we can almost touch it,then we can see its true dimensions.But now,nomatter what that fear is,you know what to expect.You've seen it,you've dealed with it.It might hurt you,but you hurt it as well...

So,dreams are dreams.They can't hurt us.Neither our fears can.But it is better for someone to deal with his/her fears.It is hard,but I think that the result is worth the whole fight...And of course through this process,you will understand yourself better and you'll feel free...

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