Thursday, 25 August 2011

The way to childhood....

Do you ever spent time thinking about your childhood??Just thinking about the way you used to be when you were five or six years old??Well,it's a bit difficult because there has been some time since then and we can't remember everything but there are some things,some details for example that we can always remember even if we don't admit it...At least I do that...

Well,I can remember that when I was about five I was thinking that i was adopted...It sounds silly but honestly I did believe that somehow and I even prepared myself for the ay that my parents would come and announce me that..Of course that day never came but it's just an idea that I used to have....So I believe that most of you had these "weird" ideas about yourselves....
The good thing is that when you are a child everything seems easy...Most of the children when they are girls they want to have a job as a singer or an actress or a teacher and when they are boys they usually want to work as footballers or doctors....And it's funny if you think about it because almost every child wants to be famous....I wanted to be a vet when I was a I've given up the idea...:P

Another thing that I have spotted is that children can't tell the difference between "I love" and "I like"...So if you go  and ask a child "Which is the boy-girl that you like most?" they will propably answer "I love Tom" or Alice or something like that..And it's cute because they think that they are in love or that they have a relationship with someone and they express it just by holding their hands or write little sweet notes...Oh,and another thing..they think that they will always be together...:)

I like children...most of them are inocent and sweet..or at least that's what they used to be....Sometimes I think that I'd like to live a childhood again because you don't have problems and everything is simple and the only thing you think about is when I'll go out and play with my friends...But the I think that most of the children wish to grow up so...I guess I have to compromise with growing upbut it's important to remember that  there is a child inside of us and cherish our childhood...the time when we didn't use to care about what the others think about us and we just wanted to enjoy our lives...:)

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  1. You are so damn right !! Keeping alive the child within you makes your life simple and fresh :)