Friday, 5 August 2011

That green little creature...

I don't know if you all have felt it-I certainly have-but I do believe that most of us have felt jealous more than once in his life...It's that feeling when you feel like you are in the middle of the hurricane and everything around you is collapsing...And the best part is that you are the only one who can control it.. of the worst feelings...the one that can break down a friendship,a relationship,everything...It makes you full of suspicions that may not rely on something that is done...But you don't mind because in your head everything makes sense...

The fact is that jealousy is like a dirty little creature...that can start "eating" every feeling you have for makes you feel threatened and start acting like everything is against you...Like you are going to loose something really important from another person...And that little green creature knows how to knows how to make you frustrated and smiles when it has managed to fill you with doubts..

It is hard to get it out...when that feeling starts you begin to think that everything can turn out differently...A message,a call,a meeting,anything may born suspicions...Suspicions you can't can't delete...And even when the other one tries to make you understand that nothing is actually wrong,you say ok at first and then after a little while,here comes that little voice inside your head that tries to make your life harder..And you believe it..

That's the worst part...And after a while,if you think about what's happened and how ridiculous were your ideas,you'll start realising that everything went wrong just because you started listening to your bad side...Being jealous may be sweet sometimes as it can show the other that you actually care about him/her's better to tell to that little creature to shut up and enjoy what you are living..because nothing lasts forever and jealousy is the worst way to end something....So goodbye little voice..:)