Monday, 22 August 2011

Bittersweet symphony...

As the “Verve” says,life is indeed a bittersweet symphony…or at least that’s what it seems to be to most of us…

Well,we have all dealt both with good and bad times..I don’t think that anyone has never felt pain,but that’s what life is all about right??No one can be happy all the time,even if we sometimes wished that would happen…but imagine a word where nothing wrong could happen,where everything could be exactly the way we want it to be and everyone is fully satisfied with his/her life…Well,it’s a fairytale..and fairytales differ from reality…

So,we have to learn and deal with the situation that occur…It’s so much better when we don’t know what to expect,when our future is uncertain and we don’t know if everything is going to be as we’ve planned…That’s why life is amazing…Of course there aree some bumpy rides but they make life beautiful and meaningfull…

Of course no one likes having probles…Especially when they concern someone’s health…but these times-the hardest ones- are also part of our life and of who we are…The situations that we have to get through make us stronger and ready to deal with whatever may come…And if we think about it,everyone deals with different situations that may be harder than ours but we only see our side…We shouldn’t be so shelfish…We should start thinking that even though we deal with a difficult situation and have health problems,there are also others who are in a harder situation than we are…

“When something wrong goes on,try to move on no matter how hard it may seem”…that’s what my grandmother always says…And I think she is right…When times are hard,it won’t last forever,even if we think that…And when times are really good then we have to enjoy and apreciate that because it won’t last forever either…Enjoy life!!Get out of your shelter and even though it may seem hard at first then everything is going to get better…A little bird didn’t learn how to fly all by itself…it needed practise and help …So open your wings and fly away..

Learn to take life seriously…Challenges wait on your way and we should be ready to deal with them succesfully or not…There will always be people around to support and consult you…Don’t be afraid!!In this amazing trip,you are not by yourselves…there are so many people who will always be there for you in order to make your life beautiful…And even though some will definitely try to knock you down,always remember to prove them that they are wrong and stand up…And don’t comes easier when you SMILE!!:)


  1. Aha,it's all about smiling and dreaming,that's my point :) And also,in contrast to your "take life seriously", i'd say "don't take life seriously all the time,or else you'll miss all the fun!"
    Welcome baaack Nadiniiii! <3
    kissing you

  2. Ma petite!!!:) I agree with you....we should have a lot of fun because nothing lasts forever...<3
    Kissing you too!!