Monday, 19 December 2011

Decorating the house for Christmas...

So,Christmas are actually coming at the end of the week and I'm just soooooooo excited!!!Of course we've decorated our house for Christmas about a week ago and now it's filled with the magic coming out of the Christmas tree and the candles...

Well,I decided to share with you my home's Christmas magic...:)

Little snowman
I love this snowman...It actually reminds me of a meat-ball...I don't know why and I know that it's weird but it seems like one to me....

Paper cut Tree
This is a little tree that I've made with my aunt...

Stair's Santa Claus
Isn't it adorable???I really like it and it's like everytime I go upstairs(or coming downstairs) I see it and it makes me happy for an unexplained reason...

All Santa Clauses
Thes are all the Santa Clauses I've managed to gather within my 16 years of my life...Some are from chocolate boxes,some from little presents we used to take when we were at primary school and generally they represent some of the best Christmas of my life...

Christmas Fairy
I really love this one!!It's actually the best thing we have on our Christmas tree...Since we've bought it it's like she's travelling me to places where there is magic and elves and magic creatures...A little childish I know,but it's so true...

So,these are some of the decoratings we've put in our house..I know that I'm not used to writing these kind of posts but I'll make up next time...Until then don't forget to sprinkle the Christmas dust all over yourself and try to look at things positively...

All yours...


  1. Αχ ειδικα το Αγιοβασιλακι που ειναι γαντζωμενο απο το καγκελο της σκαλας ειναι υπερβολικα αξιολατρευτο!! Αλλα και τα υπολοιπα φυσικα, ειδικα αυτο ομως ειναι ερωτας!*.*

  2. Ma nai!!!Ase to xw erwteutei!!!Kathe fora pou pernaw ap ti skala to akoubaw sti muti me ti muti mou..:P Gia tetoies katastaseis milame...Tragiki I know...:P :)

  3. Τέλειο! Εγώ λάτρεψα τον κεφτέ-χιονάνθρωπο... Μα ναι, έχει και κόκκινη σάλτσα! Το κασκόλ ;)

    Τα φιλιά μου Ναντιάκι :*

  4. Xaxaxaxaxaxxaxa...Anastasia mou xairomai pou to blepeis me ti diki mou logiki!!Epitelous kapoios pou simfwnei oti ontws moiazei me mpifteki..:P
    Polla filiaaaaa..:*

  5. τι τέλειαααααα!
    Christmas Spirit!!!!!! :)

  6. Τί όμορφο το δεντράκι σου :)) εμένα μου άρεσε η νεραιδούλα σου !!!
    Να τα περάσεις τέλεια σου εύχομαι, να το διασκεδάσεις με την ψυχή σου και ότι ζήτησες από τον Αη βασίλη να σου το φέρει !!
    Τα φιλιά μου ***

  7. Thanks Lyriel!!
    Kai mena m aresei para polu!!!
    Sou euxomai na peraseis ta pio magika,gluka kai omorfa Xristougenna..:)