Thursday, 22 September 2011

And just like that the first tears started to fall from the sky...

I have to say that I'm soooooooooo glad because yesterday it finally started to rain!!!!!I can't descibe how much I wanted this to happen because here it's like summer most of the time and evn though I like it sometimes I prefer the magic that autumn and winter can offer to us...

Well yesterday evening I had an ancient greek class(yeah ist's not my favourite either but I have to do it) and while I was trying to read an ancient greek text I heard a fammliar noise..."It's not possible!!"I said to myself..."I know this noise very'''s raining!!!!!!!!!!!!"..while I was thinking those things a huge smile appeared in my face....My professeur started telling that she hoped her son was ok because he was having some football practise....And that was the only comment made for my beloved rain as the ancient greek started whispering my name....

The truth is that it rained a lot yesterday...So when I got in my mother's car in order to leave the fat drops of water started appearing in the window again....The radio did it's miracle and suddently "Ridders in the storm" started to play...What else could be more suitable than that??

As I was watching outside the window,I noticed that the streets that used to be full of people had only a few ones left...I smiled to myself and thought "That's the magic of the rain...making people who don't appreciate this gift go and lock themselves in their houses"...As soon as I got out of the car I could feel the cold wind making my cheeks red and some drops fell right on my lips...

I remember when I was a little child,the first day it rained one of my mother's friends would invite us to her house in order to eat something like pancakes with honey...It was the sweet of the first rainy day...I've missed those days...But guess what??The taste of rain remains the same....The smell of it fills the air...And its magic is never lost...

So welcome back dearly beloved rain!!I've missed you...And I'm glad you became my inspiration...:)


  1. awwww <3 <3 there is nothing as beautiful as a raining noon,and no other better feeling than being safe and warm inside,while watching the rain washing everything up from your window (add some hot cocoa to that,and i'm in heaven)
    Be happy and warm,my lovely cupcake <3
    (i hope i'll get to see you soon!)

  2. ...και μεις παρακαλαμε να μη φυγει το καλοκαιρι :P

    καλο σαβ/κο!! :)

  3. Just love it..!



  4. Magda-I was sure you'll agree with me mairmaid!!:)

    Ilias-Kapoies fores ontws theloume to kalokairi alla edw to exoume barethei lg...:P

    Lonely-Thank you!!:)